Winter tires ranking – be sure to check before winter!

Winter tires are a type of tire specially adapted to driving in winter conditions. The characteristic tread design and specific compound ensure a safe journey in climatic conditions, where average temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, and the roads experience typical winter weather conditions: – ice, – snow, – slush. There are many companies on the market that sell winter tires. So what should you pay attention to when buying them? Which manufacturers are the most recommended? Check out our ranking of winter tires and make an informed choice from thousands of offers available!

What to look for when choosing winter tires?

There are many factors that determine which winter tires are best for your car. First of all, you should start with the choice the right size and indexes: load capacity and speed. Information on the recommended types specifically for our vehicle model can be found e.g. in the manual or on the Internet.

Tire size

The easiest way to choose the right size, the so-called “Winter tires” is to check it on the tires that are currently used in the car. It can be found on the side of the tire. It always has the same format, i.e. 195 / 65R15 – where the number 195 is the width, 65 is the profile and 15 is the rim diameter. The width is read in millimeters, the profile is a percentage of the width, and the rim diameter is in inches.

Load index

The load index defines the maximum load under which the tire can work, while maintaining its properties. This value is strictly defined by the manufacturer of a given car model. The purpose of the index is to determine how many kilograms the tire can bear while driving at the maximum permissible speed. It is located on the sidewall of the tire, right behind the size designation and on the data plate.

Speed ​​index

Speed ​​index – as the name suggests – determines the speed at which the tire is able to withstand the permitted load. Like the previous indicators – this index can also be found on the sidewall of the tire, right next to the number indicating the load index.

Tread type

In addition, winter tires also differ in terms of the type of tread used. A cheaper variant, and at the same time recommended for passenger cars and smaller delivery vehicles, are the tires o symmetrical sculpture. Their characteristic feature is the same arrangement of tread blocks on both sides of the outer part of the tire. This type of tires is distinguished by, among others, good durability, but the disadvantage is the weaker traction parameters. directional tread. Its shape resembles the letter U or V. This type of tire is characterized by good drainage of water and slush.

Winter tires ranking be sure to check before winter

Winter tires – ranking of the best winter tire manufacturers

Continental tires

Continental winter tires are by far number 1 among tire manufacturers. For many years, the company’s tires have been used highest rated in many independent rankings, based on detailed tests and calculations. They owe their results excellent performance and very good balance. Continental tires provide the highest level of safety in all weather conditions. They cope well both on snow and wet surfaces. They also work great on dry asphalt.

Hankook tires

Hankook winter tires is a product of a Korean company, which, unfortunately, is little appreciated in the world, which is why it is considered a representative of the middle segment. Completely wrong, because Hankook winter tires get excellent results in the conducted research, and this confirms their high quality. Korean winter tires are surprising very good parameters, both on wet surfaces and on snow. On dry asphalt, they are slightly behind Continental products, but still provide a very high level of safety.

Bridgestone tires

Bridgestone winter tires it’s only premium class products. Bridgestone comes from Japan. It was the world’s first tire distributor. Producer Bridgestone it symbol of excellence and innovation. Their tires are very common win in the tests carried out comparative. Also among users they collect impeccable feedback. Bridgestone tires are gaining excellent performance in difficult conditions snow, rain, and icy surfaces. The company places great emphasis on patterning the tread, regularly refining its details, taking into account the opinions of specialist drivers who test tires in the most demanding weather conditions.

Choosing winter tires that best meet all expectations is not an easy task. There are several companies on the market whose products are of really high quality and are also recommended by other users. Make the right decision and buy your tires before the first snow this year!

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