Volvo FH – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,at this moment. In this posting you will find a description of fuses and relays Volvo FH – fuse box

Include with pictures of box diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most common thing people look for).
Get advice on Assistance fuses, upgrading a fuse, and more.

Number Description Amperes [A] F1 TPM 10 F2 Lighting, cargo space 10 F3 Charging lamp;

Saddle lighting.

10 F4 Electrically adjustable seat;

Cab tilting pump;

Lighting for loading and saddles.

5 F5 Instrumentation (cl. 30) 5 F6 Dehumidifier 5 F7 Vehicle control unit;

Electronic immobilizer.

5 F8 Instrumentation, TPM 5 F9 Range lock, area lock (in gearbox) 5 F10 NOx sensor;


5 F11 Gear lever of the control unit 5 F12 Control unit gearbox / retarder 10 F13 Wipers 15 F14 Cigarette lighter, lamp compartment, center section 10 F15 Water separator;

Fuel filter heater;

Water drain valve.

10 F 16 Differential lock;

Power take-off.

5 F17 External lighting of the control unit 5 F18 Horn;

Compressed air horn solenoid valve.

10 F19 Climatic unit;

FMS gateway.

5 F20 Central lock;

Auxiliary heating.

10 F21 Fan;

Air conditioner.

15 F22 Courtesy light 10 F23 Pneumatic suspension 5 F24 Dehumidifier;

ADR parking heater;

Electrically heated rear view mirrors.

10 F25 Power supply;

ABS / EBS trailer.

twenty F26 Body fuse box thirty F27 Electric window on the left side;

Electrically heated rear view mirrors.

twenty F28 ABS / EBS twenty F29 Coffee machine thirty F30 Power windows on the right twenty F31 Main fuse for fuses 95–97 twenty F32 Climate unit twenty F33 Electric cab tilting thirty F34 Amplifier thirty F35 Electrically adjustable seat twenty F36 Reverse lamp circuit, trailer 15 F37 Telephone;


5 F38 Input lamps 5 F39 Electrically adjustable rear view mirrors 5 F40 Engine control unit 15 F41 Solenoid valves on the engine;

Electric fuel pump.

10 F42 Relay motor preheating;

Electrically controlled cooling fan.

5 F43 Bodybuilder control unit BBM 5 F44 Voltage converter for radio socket / 12 V 15 F45 Voltage converter for 12 V socket 15 F46 Rotating beacon 15 F47 ACC 5 F48 ABS / EBS, EBS switch 5 F49 Air suspension / A-ride 3 F50 Telephone 5 F51 Hydraulically steered axle 5 F52 Air intake heating;

Radio position of the overload relay.

10 F53 Illuminated sign on the roof 10 F54 Dynafleet, FMS gateway 10 F55 Airbag;

Seat belt pretensioner.

5 F56 Free 5 F57 Shift Lever / Control Unit Retarder 3 F58 D + short circuit relay, only ADR 5 F59 Rear view camera, Dynafleet 5 F60 Hydraulically steered axle 5 F61 Theft alarm;

Volvo (SAM) link;

Folding rearview mirror arm, Japan.

5 F62 Free 15 F63 Alcohol system 10 F64 Payment system 10 F65 Central lubrication system 10 F66 Sunroof 10 F67 Bunk lamps;

Reading lamps.

10 F68 Refrigerator 10 F69 12V output 10 F70 ABS / EBS, trailer (cl. 15) 5 F71 Optional accessories 10 F72 Level adjustment system, headlights 5 F73 Hydraulically steered axle 5 F74 Headlight washer (high pressure) 15 F75 Electrically heated seats 15 F76 Short-circuit relay ADR D +;

Fan instrument panel.

5 F77 24 V power socket on the instrument panel 10 F78 24V power socket, next to the bun 10 F79 12V for TV 10 F95 Central lock 10 F96 Burglar alarm 5 F97 Auxiliary heating 15

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