Volvo 960 (1993-1994) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,now. In the following paragraphs you will find a description of fuses and relays Volvo 960 (1993-1994) – fuse box

Include with photos of box diagrams as well as their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
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Volvo 960 (1993-1994) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1993, 1994.

Cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on Volvo 960 (1993-1994) is fuse 19 in the engine compartment fuse box.

Fuse box

Volvo 960 1993 1994 Fuse Box Diagrams

Volvo 960 – fuse box diagram
No Description
1/1 Battery
2/1 Headlight relay
2/5 Relay –

seat belt reminder.

2/6 Bypass relay 151
2/13 Motor runner relay;


3/1 Ignition lock
3/2 Light switch
3/3 Male and low beam switch
4/9 Crash sensor SRS
5 / 1D 4 pin w

combination device.

5 / 1B 12-pin w

combination device.

6/31 Fuel pump
7/2 Front bulb failure monitor
11 / 1-35 Fuses
13/1 Branch point feed X

in the instrument panel wiring harness.

13/11 Branch point feed X

in the instrument panel wiring harness.

13/17 Branch point feed X

in the instrument panel wiring harness.

13/19 Branching point in the delivery of 30 pieces

in the instrument cluster harness.

13/24 A branch point in the delivery of 50 pieces

in the instrument cluster harness.

13/34 Branch point feed X

in the wheel arch wiring harness

(B240FT, B230FT / GT).

13/36 Branch point feed X

in 30 bundles in the wheel arch.

13/59 Branching point 151 in the bundle

the instrument panel wiring.

13/76 Branch point feed 30

in the instrument cluster harness.

15/1 Positive terminal
15/2 30th rail in the relay
15/3 30th rail in the fuse box
15/4 151-bus in the relay module
15/6 30-bus fuse

in the relay module.

31/3 Earthing point – cockpit
31/4 Ground point – motor
31/14 Earthing point on

relay module.

31/31 Earthing strip w

relay module.

B Link, left A-pillar
C. Connector, right A-pillar
D Connector on the relay
No Description
1 Left parking light
2 License plate lighting
3 Right parking light
4 High beam – left
5 Road lights – right
6 SRS test socket,

Dipped beam – left,

beam length,

steering – left

7 Left dipped beam;

Right length control

8 Front fog light
9 Rear fog light
10 Illumination of indicators and controls
11 Reversing lamps;

Direction indicators;

Cruise control.


Shift lock

(Automatic Transmission).

13 Heated rear window;

Heated rear view mirrors.

14 15-rail in the relay;

Bulb failure monitor, rear;

Exhaust gas temperature sensor;


Electric windows;

Electric sunroof;

Seat belt reminder;

Bypass relay 151.

15 Reserve
16 Heated seats
17 Spare (accessories)
18 Radio
19 ECC air conditioning unit;

Electric rear view mirrors;

Rear window wiper / washer;

Electric seats;


twenty Horn;

Windshield wipers / washers;

Headlight wipers / washers.

21 Glow plug, diesel;

Program selector (AW30-43);

Diagnostic socket;

Electric cooling fan;

EGR valve.

22 ABS

(translucent protector


23 Delivery to control units:

automatic transmission AW30-43;


ignition coil relay.

24 Motronic control unit,

Aw30-43 control unit.

25 Emergency lights;

Central lock.

26 30-rail in the fuse box;


Indoor lighting;

Door open warning lights;

Cosmetic mirror lighting;

Luggage compartment lighting;

Reading lamps.

27 Brake lights;

Shift lock

(Automatic Transmission).

28 ECC heater fan;

ECC climate unit.

29 A lot of power, a trailer
thirty Fuel pump;

Oxygen sensor (lambda).

31 Fuel Injection;

Fuel pump;

Ignition system.

32 Radio amplifier
33 Radio
34 Electric windows;

Electrically operated sunroof.

35 Electric seats

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