Volkswagen Jetta VI (2011-2017) – Fuse Box Diagrams

F1 (10A) Washer jet heating resistor F2 (5A / 7.5A) Steering column lock F3 (10A) Instrument panel F4 (2A / 10A) Telephone receiver / transmitter F5 (7.5A) Left rear fog lamp F6 (10A) Multifunction control module;

Reversing camera.

F7 (5A) Fog lamp relay;

Switch and instrument cluster dimmer;

License plate lamp.

F8 (7.5A) Windshield and headlamp washer pump switch;

Washer pump.

F9 (5A) Airbag control module;

(15A) Seat occupancy recognition control module.

F10 (10A) Right steering column switch F11 (10A) Left-hand headlight (gas discharge headlamp) F12 (10A) Right-hand headlight (gas discharge headlamp) F13 (5A) Electrochromic interior mirror;

Light sensor;

Parking assist controller;

Air pollution sensor;

High pressure sensor;

Air conditioning controller;

Tire pressure monitoring button;

ASR and ESP switch-off button;

Reverse lamp switch;

Start-stop switch;

Heating resistor for left washer nozzle;

Right washer heating resistor;

Mirror adjustment switch;

Outside mirror heating button;

Adaptive lighting and headlight range control.

F14 (10A) Left steering column switch;

ABS controller;

Fuel pump controller;

Trailer Detection Controller;

Voltage stabilizer;

Inverter with socket, 12 V – 230 V;

Data bus diagnostic interface.

F15 (10A) Connector, 16 Pin (diagnostic connector);

Switch and instrument cluster dimmer;

Headlight range adjustment;

Fresh air blower relay;

Air mass meter;

Crankcase ventilation heating resistor;

Vibration damping control unit;

Left headlight;

Left headlight range – steering actuator;

Right main headlight;

Right actuator controlling the headlight range.

F16 (10A) Auxiliary coolant pump relay;

Fuel pump;

Engine key.

F17 (10A) Anti-theft system and its relay F18 (15A) Left headlight F19 (15A) Right headlight F20 (10A) Ignition and starter switch;

Tiptronic switch;

Automatic gearbox control unit;

Gear lever sensor controller;

Climatronic controller;

Radio receiver for additional water heater.

F21 (15A / 20A) Onboard supply control unit;

Two-tone horn relay;

High tone signal;

Low tone signal.

F22 (7.5A / 20A) Ignition and starter switch;

Converter box;

Interior sensor;

Alarm siren relay

Anti-theft alarm horn.

F23 (10A) Onboard power supply control unit;

Light switch;

Rain and light sensor;

Magnetic field sensor for compass.

F24 (10A) Control module for adaptive lighting and headlamp range control F25 (15A) Gearbox;

Automatic gearbox selector.

F26 (15A) Brake servo vacuum pump F27 (1A) Airbag spiral cable with slip ring F28 (40A) Relay for auxiliary heater operation F29 (1A) Multifunction control module, ignition and starter switch F30 (20A) Cigar lighters F31 (30A) Light switch F32 (20A) Light switch F33 (40A) Heater mode and operation mode switch;

Fresh air blower relay;

Air conditioning control unit;

Fresh air blower switch.

F34 (15A) Left high beam bulb;

Right high beam bulb;

Instrument cluster control unit.

F35 (10A) Steering column control module;

Data bus diagnostic interface;

Horn switch.

F36 (25A) Multifunction control module F37 (15A) Left-hand headlight, daytime running bulb F38 (15A) Right-hand headlight, right daytime running light bulb F39 (20A) Dipped beam relay F40 (15A) Trailer control module F41 (15A) Trailer control module F42 (20A) Trailer control module F43 (30A) Passenger door control module F44 (30A) Heated rear window relay;

Heated rear window;

Onboard supply control unit.

F45 (30A) Driver’s door control unit;

Front passenger’s door control unit.

F46 (30A) Rear left door control unit;

Right door rear control.

F47 (15A) Fuel pump F48 (20A) Multifunction control module F49 (40A) Fresh air blower;

Climatronic control unit.

F50 (30A) Heated seats F51 (20A) Sunroof F52 (20A) Horn F53 (15A) Driver seat lumbar adjustment switch F54 (15A) Fog lamp relay F55 (20A) Light switch;

Left steering column switch.

F56 (10A) Electric drive and power control electronics F57 (15A / 25A) Audio system, navigation system F58 (30A) Inverter with socket, 12V F59 (15A) Fan release relay;


F60 (30A) Additional heater control unit

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