Universal car wipers – is it worth it?

We can find them in almost every automotive store and most supermarkets. They are cheap and fit most cars. They are universal car wipers. Is it worth using them? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Car wipers have a great impact on driving safety and, at the same time, on comfort. Having to replace car wipers can be annoying, even for a calm driver. Are universal car wipers a good choice, the purchase of which is economically justified?

Universal car wipers – advantages

The popularity of universal car wipers is influenced by two basic things – low price and fitting to most car models. Thanks to this, the purchasing process is quick, does not require a lot of knowledge, and the driver can quickly replace it and continue the route.

In addition, this type of wiper can be found almost everywhere. Be it a supermarket or a gas station. However, remember to follow the brand’s trust when choosing, because choosing the cheapest “no name” wipers can quickly result in their wear and tear and the need to buy wipers again, this time of good quality.

Universal car wipers – things to keep in mind

Why are universal car wipers suitable for many car models? Because the package includes adapters of various types to fit as many vehicles as possible. As a result, it can sometimes happen that the length of their feathers may be a few millimeters too short or too long for the factory size. In the first case, it should not be a major problem, because the surface that the wipers will clean will be so large that the driver will have no problems with visibility.

In the second case, it may happen that the wiper blades will collide with each other (blades are too long), which will lead to their quick damage. Therefore, it is worth checking before buying that universal wipers are not longer than those dedicated to our car.

Universal car wipers is it worth it

The problem of universal wipers from little-known manufacturers is their low durability. However, this applies only to the so-called market brands, where only the number of units sold is important, not the quality of the product.

We mentioned adapters, the downside of using multi-adapter wipers is that their installation may be a bit more difficult than in the case of dedicated wipers (there is already an appropriate mounting for a given car model), but it should not cause major problems.

Don’t buy the cheapest ones – buy mid-priced wipers. This pays off

We recommend a different solution. The most profitable solution is the purchase of Polish mid-priced wipers. An example is the highly regarded Oximo brand. Oximo car wipers are made with high precision, of high quality materials, which guarantees comfort and durability. The manufacturer uses, among other things, Teflon coating of feathers and enriching the rubber composition with silicone. The materials used for the production of the adapter are durable and precisely made, and the spring element and other metal elements are made of the highest quality galvanized steel.

The offer of Oximo You can find several hundred references, i.e. models dedicated to a specific car, with an ideal length of the blade, 100% compatible with the factory data.

The assembly should not be a problem either, thanks to a series of instructional videos showing the assembly of a specific wiper mount step by step. These videos can be found on the oximo.info website, specifying the make and model of the car.

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