Ugly Sound On Starter

Car owners who hear unsightly sounds like a clicking noise from the starter when trying to start their vehicles may have a stuck starter solenoid. A starter solenoid, or starter relay, provides electrical current to start the motors. you should know the steps to test a stuck starter solenoid and fix this disturbing noise.

Car or truck owners can easily see if a sticking solenoid is the problem, or if there may be a larger problem. By checking the solenoid, car users can potentially save money on major repairs.

How to test a stuck starter solenoid

When an ugly sound like a screeching sound in the starter could be caused by a bad solenoid. The steps you must follow to test the starter solenoid are as follows:

  1. Park the car so you can access the starter solenoid.. You may need to use a jack or ramps to raise your vehicle, depending on where the solenoid is located.
  1. Check that the ignition is in the position “off“and that the engine is cold.
  1. Disconnect the smaller cables and leave the larger ones connected.
  1. Connect the continuity tester to the smaller wires and to the solenoid itself. The positive wire (rojo) goes on the wires, while the negative (negro) connects to the solenoid. The gauge will indicate if the solenoid has the ability to function properly.
  1. Hear a “clic“when you press the start button. The click is the solenoid turning into an electromagnet, allowing the motor to start.
  1. Tap lightly on the outer casing of the solenoid if it didn’t register when connected to the continuity tester. The handle of a screwdriver or similar tool is recommended.
  1. Reconnect all wires to the solenoid and try to start your vehicle again. If it doesn’t work, your solenoid needs to be replaced.


The vehicle’s battery, ignition switch and starter motor must be tested before the solenoid.


When parking the vehicle on ramps, make sure the vehicle is in neutral and the parking brake is on at all times. If the vehicle is parked on the ground, chock the rear wheels.

Items you will need

  • A cat or ramps
  • continuity tester
  • Screwdriver

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