This is the new DeLorean from “Back to the Future” but 100% Electric

We all know the DeLorean DMC 12the car that became famous for appearing in the movie “Return to the future” in 1985. It was originally designed by Georgeto Giugiaro and launched in 1981, although only 9,000 units were made.

This time he returns from the future with a new successor named Alpha 5, in a 100% electric design. Preserving the original design, with its classic gull-wing doors and stainless steel body panels. Without a doubt, a car that has always been seen as a car that is capable of traveling through time.

The launch was announced this Monday, May 30, 2022 and it is planned to be shown on August 18, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Before starting production in 2024.

A little history

The company DeLorean Motor Company was founded in 1995, although it has no relation to the original company founded by John DeLorean in 1975.
Since this one went bankrupt in 1982, and it was the British mechanic Stephen Wyne who acquired the remaining parts inventory from the old company, in addition to the logo and trademark.

With a headquarters in Texas, they are currently dedicated to restoring and servicing only cars that have been manufactured since then. For several years they had already announced that they would start manufacturing automobiles. And it wasn’t in January of this 2022, when we heard rumors about a 100% electric DeLorean EV.

Alpha5 new DeLorean from Back to the Future but 100% Electric

Features and Specifications

As for the specifications, it has a maximum speed of 155 mph (249 km/h), a battery of more than 100 Kwh (similar to a sedan Tesla Model S). Running on a 100 kWh capacity battery, it will have a range that will go from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in just 3.2 seconds.

This car will have performance that could match some high-end models, such as the porch taycans and the Mercedes AMG GT. But if speaking of autonomy, the new Alpha5 will have a capacity of 483 km.


Its dimensions are 137 cm high (with doors closed), 499 cm long and 204.4 cm long. This is 20cm taller, 75cm longer and 6cm wider than the original DMC-12 from 1980. To give us a much clearer idea, it will be longer than most exotic cars like ferrari, Lamborghini 2-door and Aston-Martin.

With a 4-wheel drive, on the road it will occupy the same space as a Toyota Land Cruiser. In the center console you can see a touch screen, in addition to 4 seats inspired by the most modern models of the brand. mercedes cars.

alpha 5 DeLorean inside steering wheel touch screen

With a very minimalist steering wheel and digital buttons that are very sensitive to touch. Although it only has 2 doors, when opened they will be wide enough to get in and out of the rear seats easily.

At the rear it has a bar of 3 horizontal LED strips, which cover the entire width of the car. And right in the middle, we can see some letters that say “DeLorean”, these letters are also illuminated with a neo-retro look.

alpha 5 delorean rear electric EV car

An electric car tied to an NFT

An interesting fact is that only 88 units will be manufactured. They did this to reference the speed needed to travel through time, just like in the movie.

But in addition to this, the 88 Alpha5s manufactured will be bound to an NFT and will serve as an avatar. This means that they will only be fit for track use and will not be road registered.

After this, the company plans to produce more models to market it more conventionally, that is, to a much more general public. In addition to launching it to the market, DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) has plans to manufacture other models beyond the Alpha5. For example, one with a much more familiar design, or a sports coupe with a V8 engine.

The only thing left for us for now is to wait and find out all the details that have not yet been revealed. So stay tuned because here at motor world We will give you all the information.

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