The 7 Most Common MAF Sensor Failures And How To Fix Them

An English MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) sensor Mass Air Flow, is a flow sensor used in measurement and control technology that determines the mass of air flowing through it (the mass flow) per period of time. This sensor is a very important component in automobiles, so it is important to know what problems it can present and what are all the possible ones. Common MAF Sensor Failures to detect them and solve any inconvenience.

The measured mass flow rate of the air is proportional to the molar amount of oxygen contained and, therefore, can be used to control the combustion processes, especially in combustion engines, hence its importance for your vehicle. Equivalent to mass flow is the volumetric flow related to the standard state of air or gas.

Common MAF Sensor Failures

When the MAF sensor is in operation, the measured air mass flow rate is usually proportional to the molar amount of oxygen contained, and can therefore be used to control combustion processes, especially in internal combustion engines. Equivalent to mass flow is the volumetric flow related to the standard state of air or gas. If the MAF sensor is faulty this process is not flowing as it should, and it could be noticeable on the car.

Common faults of the MAF sensor
Problems in a MAF sensor

The failures or problems that a MAF sensor can present are the following:

1- Check the engine by the MAF sensor

One of the most common problems with a failed MAF sensor is the appearance of the light that tells you to check the engine., this is the light that activates on the instrument panel. A few types of problems can cause this light to come on, which is why you need to check your car’s computer. The air flow sensors of a car are critical modules of engine performance, to keep informed keep reading about: Symptoms and signs of a damaged or bad MAF sensor.

2- Problems with engine performance

A MAF sensor is responsible for adjusting the proper mixture of gasoline and air to keep the car moving without any problem. A poor balance between air and gasoline will cause the engine to have a slow functionality or could cause the engine to run too fast, increasing fuel consumption. When this important device in a car is damaged or does not work well, it is good that you know how to fix it, so keep reading and learn how to fix a bad maf sensor.

3- Faults due to a dirty MAF sensor

If a MAF sensor is dirty you can clean it instead of swapping it out for an expensive mass air flow sensor. The MAF sensor works by heating a thin platinum wire or plate and calculating the right current to keep it at a steady temperature as air blows past it. Over time, dust and oil cling to the hot wire, and such particles accidentally besiege the wire from the air stream. This would cause starting, idling, acceleration failure and also poor gas mileage. Continue reading and learn how to properly clean a MAF sensor.

4- Low engine efficiency and ignition problems

In order to establish how much gasoline to inject into the cylinder, the computer on the dashboard must know the amount of air flowing into the engine. Failed or troubled sensors will result in a drop in engine efficiency, starting difficulties, and other engine-related problems. If the engine itself is okay, a failing MAF sensor could cause all sorts of problems and breakdowns. Read on and discover how to properly examine a MAF sensor.

5- Wrong driving

The MAF sensor is usually located on the air intake pipe that leads from the filter to the fuel injection system. If your vehicle starts to run weird when idling or stalls while driving normally, there is a chance that you have a severe problem with the MAF sensor, and in this case you need to be aware of what it is. how to remove the MAF sensor correctly.

6- Problems with the computer

A vehicle’s MAF sensor is designed to test the amount of air going into the engine’s intake manifold, and the information is sent to the car’s engine management computer, which feeds the appropriate amount of fuel into the cylinders. . It is really important to manage to keep your car’s sensor clean so that it works or runs correctly. Although there are alcohol-based cleaners for sale, you can clean the MAF sensor with household isopropyl alcohol. Read on and learn: How to properly clean a MAF sensor with rubbing alcohol.

7- Damage to the sensor due to a damaged EGR valve

This is one of the common MAF sensor failures that is seldom detected. A car’s engine relies heavily on a balanced ratio of gasoline and air for ignition, as well as orderly power, plus a deteriorated exhaust gas recirculation valve or EGR valve can disturb the correct function of your car’s MAF sensor. It is advisable to fix this problem to prevent rigid damage to the MAF sensor. Keep informing yourself and discover: how a MAF Sensor can be damaged by a bad EGR valve.

Common problems in a MAF sensor
MAF sensor in a car

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