Tesla Model S (2014) (European version) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hello!,at this time. Here you will see a description of fuses and relays Tesla Model S (2014) (European version) – fuse box

Include with pictures of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
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Tesla Model S (2014) – fuse box diagram (European version)

Year of production: 2014.

Fuse box 1

Tesla Model S 2014 European version Fuse Box Diagrams

Tesla Model S (2014) – Fuse Box 1 (European version)
Fuse Amp [A] Description
F1 5 Accessory sensor;


USB hub.

F2 5 Headlight leveling system

(only vehicles with EU / China coil suspension)

F3 5 Vanity lights;

Rearview mirror.

F4 thirty External rear seat heating

(cold weather option)

F5 15 Seat heating (driver’s seat)
F6 twenty Basic audio amplifier
F7 15 Seat heating (front passenger seat)
F8 twenty High-quality audio amplifier
F9 25 Sunroof
F10 5 Passive seat belts
F11 5 Switches on the steering wheel
F12 5 Drive mode and yaw rate sensor

(stability / traction control)

F13 15 Wiper park
F14 5 Drive inverter
F15 twenty Electric parking brake
F 16 5 Parking / Blind Spot Sensors
F17 twenty Electric parking brake
F18 5 Not used
F19 5 HVAC sensor in the vehicle
F20 5 Cab air heater logic
F21 15 Battery coolant pump 1
F22 5 Inlet actuators
F23 15 Coolant pump in the drive train
F24 5 Air conditioning in the cabin
F25 15 Battery coolant pump 2
F26 Not used
F27 10 Thermal controller

Fuse box 2

1660532285 228 Tesla Model S 2014 European version Fuse Box Diagrams
Tesla Model S (2014) – fuse box 2 (European version)
No Amp [A] Description
F28 25 Window lift motor (right rear)
F29 10 Contactor power
F30 25 Window lift motor (right front)
F31 Not used
F32 10 Door control (right side)
F33 Not used
F34 thirty Heated rear center seats;

Washer / wiper;

Defrosting (cold option).

F35 15 12V power socket
F36 25 Pneumatic suspension
F37 25 Window lift motor (left rear)
F38 5 Driver seat memory
F39 25 Window lift motor (left front)
F40 5 Rear door handles
F41 10 Door control (left side)
F42 thirty Electric tail lift
F43 5 Permanent power sensor;

Brake switch.

F44 5 Charger (charging port)
F45 twenty Passive input (horns)
F46 thirty Body checks (group 2)
F47 5 Glove box lighting
F48 10 Body checks (group 1)
F49 5 Instrument panel
F50 5 Siren;

Intrusion / Tilt Sensor

(Europe only).

F51 twenty Touchscreen
F52 thirty Heated rear window
F53 5 Battery management system
F54 Not used
F55 thirty Front left electric seat
F56 thirty Electric right front seat
F57 25 Cab fan
F58 Not used
F59 Not used

Fuse box 3

1660532286 297 Tesla Model S 2014 European version Fuse Box Diagrams
Tesla Model S (2012) – fuse box 3 (European version)
Fuse Amp [A] Description
F71 40 Condenser fan (left)
F72 40 Condenser fan (right)
F73 40 Vacuum pump
F74 twenty 12V drive rail (cab)
F75 5 Power steering
F76 5 ABS
F77 25 Stability control
F78 twenty Headlamps – high / low beam
F79 thirty Light – external / internal

Fuse box 4

1660532286 248 Tesla Model S 2014 European version Fuse Box Diagrams
Tesla Model S (2014) – fuse box 4 (European version)
Fuse Amp [A] Description
F101 15 Rear left seat heating
F102 15 Rear right seat heating
F103 5 Rear center seat heating control
F104 15 Rear center seat heating
F105 15 Wiper de-icer
F106 Not used

Fuse box 4 If the Model S is equipped with the cold weather option, an additional fuse box (4) is located under the trim panel on the driver’s side.

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