Steps To Reset The Kia Soul Airbag Light

The airbag light on a Kia Soul will illuminate as “SRS” which means Supplemental Restraint System. It does not normally illuminate unless the vehicle has been in an accident. If it lights up, it means there is a malfunction of the airbag system. here you will learn how to reset the airbag light on the kia soul.

You should definitely have the vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic or dealership for inspection and replacement. Once this is done, you will need to reset the airbag light in order for the KIA Soul computer or computer to continue to function properly. This process will also turn off the SRS light.

Reset Kia Soul Airbag Light: Steps

  • Find the fuse panel cover in a rectangular shape on the bottom of the dash on the driver’s side. Open it by pulling it from above.
  • Find the largest port inside the fuse panel. and make sure it is the same size and shape as the connector on the computerized scan tool. Plug the scan tool into this port.
  • Put the key in the ignition and turn it to position “II”But don’t start the engine. This will turn on the scan tool.
  • Look for a command on your computer scan tool that says “clear codes” o “clear all codes“. Select one of these options to restart the computer. When the scan tool indicates that it is finished by returning to the main menu, you must disconnect the scan tool from the port.
  • Start the engine and check Make sure all service and warning lights are off on the instrument panel.


A computerized scan tool is an instrument that you can certainly buy at your local auto parts dealer. If you may not want to buy one, most auto parts stores will lend you theirs for the purpose of doing the reset right there at their store.

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