Steps To Change The Fuel Pump In A Chevrolet Silverado

Remove and replace the fuel pump on a Chevrolet Silverado it means changing the entire pump module/sending unit that is mounted inside the fuel tank.

This fuel pump can fail or wear out if you regularly drive your vehicle with low fuel. However, it is essential that the fuel is low if you are going to replace the assembly. You should extract as much fuel as you can with a suitable vacuum pump kit if needed; never draw fuel through the mouth.

How to change the fuel pump on a Chevrolet Silverado?

Replace The Fuel Pump In A Chevy Silverado
Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid 2009

The Chevy Silverado has a fuel pump in the tank that relies on fuel to cool the pump. After a long time, the pump will develop complications, and this means that you will have to replace it if you want to continue driving your Silverado.

Know that working on fuel systems warrants extreme caution, if you have basic auto repair skills, you and a nearby person or helper can replace a Chevy Silverado’s fuel pump in just over an hour.

1- Remove the fuel pump

The first thing to do to change the fuel pump on a Chevy Silverado is to disassemble or remove the pump housing or the device itself.

  1. Remove the fuel pump relay from the engine fuse box.; see box diagram for exact relay location. Crank the engine for several seconds, then stop it, then disconnect the negative battery cable.
  1. Open the door on the tank lid and unscrew the flange that surrounds the fill tube; these screws will come out with a screwdriver with a reverse hex screw head.
  1. Raise the rear of the truck and have it stand on jack stands.. Unbolt and remove the fuel tank shield with a wrench, then disconnect the ground strap at the filler tube.
  1. Disconnect the EVAP canister lines at their quick-connect connectors, then unscrew and remove the canister from its bracket with a wrench.
  1. You should also disconnect the electrical lines and connectors from the flange of the fuel pump module in the tank. All of these connectors should use quick-connect connectors that are tightened by hand or with the help of a small screwdriver.
  1. Raise a transmission jack under the fuel tank to raise it. Unbolt the support straps with your wrench, lower the jack, and remove the tank.
  1. Press and release the locking tab of the fuel pump module flange ring using a needle-point pen while grasping the ring with a large pair of locking pliers. Now turn the ring counterclockwise using the pliers to loosen it up satisfactorily.
  1. Grasp the pump module by the line connections and pull it out of the tank.

2- Installation of the fuel pump

Now it’s time to install the new fuel pump in your Chevrolet Silverado. To do this you must follow the following steps:

  1. Lower the replacement fuel pump module into the tank.. You want to make sure you don’t damage the pump float at the bottom, and then align the module so its line connections are pointing in the same direction as the previous one.
  1. Press down on the module to seat the retaining ring and turn it clockwise to engage the locking tab.
  1. Put the fuel tank back on the jack and raise it into position on the vehicle. Connect the straps with your wrench.
  1. Reconnect fuel lines and the electrical connectors to the fuel pump flange with its quick connect connectors. Again reinstall the EVAP canister into the bracket and connect the lines.
  1. Attach the ground strap and screen to the fuel tank and lower the Silverado off the jack stands.
  1. Finally, reconnect the battery cable and the fuel pump fuse.

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Items you will need

The tools and items you will use are:

  • hex bolt head
  • needle pointer

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