Steam games will be playable in Tesla vehicles

Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla and also a few months ago “bought” the social network Twitter. Since it is said that said transaction has not yet been completed. Even the social network has threatened the businessman with suing him if he does not fulfill his part.

It turns out that this time public in a Tweet where he states that they are working on the integration of Steam in their electric cars. Tesla EVs feature an LCD screen right in front of the driver, which provides a great digital experience. So now you can not only review the maps, but you can also play.

Currently the company offers its video game system called “Tesla Arcade” which is integrated into its touch screen. Some titles you can find are Asteoids, Cuphead, Missile Command, Beach Buggy Racing 2 among others.

By incorporating the Steam platform we will have a wide variety of games available, it is expected that in the month of August the company will make a demonstration. The company continues to work on its autonomous driving system. Although so far it is not 100% efficient, Elon Musk ensures that when they finish polishing the “Autopilot” entertainment will be an important part.

In the video we can see how the driver of a Tesla Model X enter your touch screen to play a racing game using the steering wheel of your own car. Even connect a PlayStation 4 controller to play Cupheadthe important point of all this, is that the car is not in motion.

Although there are many doubts about this, for example, for some people the idea of ​​playing video games in the car is not attractive. And not necessarily because he doesn’t like to play, but simply because his focus and concentration is more on the wheel. Unless there’s a kid sitting in the back during a long road trip.

We recently learned that Tesla and sega were working to have the console title called “sonic the hedgehog” could work in the EV of the Californian company.

Some time later in the United States, a car safety regulator opened an investigation into the dangers this represents. For its part, the NHTSA, who is in charge of traffic safety on the roads. He also did some research, after learning that it was already possible to play while driving.

Since before it was only possible when the electric car was stopped. After this Tesla reversed this change, finally returning to the initial.
What is not yet known is whether there will be a wide catalog of games or it will be limited. Also if users will be able to make purchases within the Steam platform or will there be certain limitations.

Until now Musk has not been able to bring to the Tesla, titles like The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077. Model S and X They already have AMD Ryzen processors and AMD RDNA 2 GPUs. So if they manage to integrate Steam into their cars, this will be an indication that they are getting closer to their goal.

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