Skoda Octavia (2005) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Number Description Ampry [A] F1 Pompa do ABS 30 F2 Valves for ABS 30 F3 Comfort functions control unit 20 F4 Measuring circuit 5 F5 Corner 20 F6 Ignition coils 20 F7 Brake light switch 5 F8 Regulating valves 10 F9 Lambda probe, glow period control unit 10 F10 Secondary air pump 5 Exhaust gas recirculation valve 10 F11 Engine control unit 25/30 F12 probe lambda 15 F13 Automatic gearbox control unit 15 F14 Not assigned F15 Starter 40 F 16 Windshield wiper lever and turn signal lever 15 F17 Instrument cluster 10 F18 Audio amplifier (sound system) 30 F19 Radio 15 F20 Telephone 5 F21 Not assigned F22 Not assigned F23 Not assigned F24 Control unit for CAN bus 10 F25 Not assigned F26 Engine control unit 10 Engine controller power supply 5 F27 Crankcase heating or ventilation 10 F28 Automatic gearbox control unit 20 F29 Ignition coils 10/20 F30 Not assigned F31 Windshield wiper 30 F32 Valves 10 F33 Fuel pump, fuel level sensor 15 F34 Not assigned F35 Not assigned F36 Not assigned F37 Not assigned F38 Lights and visibility 10 F39 Engine oil sender 5 F40 Power supply for terminal 15 (ignition on) 20 F41 Not assigned F42 Air mass meter 10 Fuel pump 5 F43 Vacuum pump 20 F44 Not assigned F45 probe lambda 15 F46 Not assigned F47 Central control unit, left main headlights 40 F48 Central control unit, right-hand headlights 40 F49 Not assigned F50 Not assigned F51 Secondary air pump 40 Lighting period control unit 50 F52 Power relay – terminal X a) 50 F53 Power supply to fuses 32 to 37 in the distribution board 50 F54 Radiator fan 50 a) In order not to discharge the battery unnecessarily when starting the engine, the electrical components of this terminal are automatically switched off.

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