Skoda Kamiq / Scala (2019-…) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,this day. In this posting you will discover a description of fuses and relays Skoda Kamiq / Scala (2019-…) – fuse box

Include with pics of box diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most common thing people look for).
Get advice on Assistance fuses, updating a fuse, and more.

Skoda Kamiq / Scala (2019-…) – diagram of the fuse box

Year of production: 2019, 2020.

Cigarette lighter fuses (power socket) on Skoda Kamiq and Skoda Scala are fuses # 52 (front cigarette lighter / 12-volt socket) and # 54 (12-volt socket in trunk) in the instrument panel fuse box.

Location of the fuse box

Instrument panel

The fuse box is located behind the glove box on the driver’s side.
Press the button and open the tray, pull out the tray by pulling it towards you.Skoda Kamiq Scala 2019 … Fuse Box Diagrams

Engine compartment

Simultaneously press the locking buttons on the cover of the fuse box and remove the cover.1660192100 807 Skoda Kamiq Scala 2019 … Fuse Box Diagrams

Fuse box diagrams

2019, 2020

Instrument panel

1660192100 226 Skoda Kamiq Scala 2019 … Fuse Box Diagrams

Fuse Assignment in Instrument Panel (2019, 2020)

No Description
1 Towbar
2 LED headlights – left side
3 Music amplifier
4 Headlight washers
5 Tilt / slide sunroof
6 Central lock;

Windshield washer;

Rear window wiper.

7 Seat heating – rear
8 Climatronic
9 LED headlights – right side
10 Towbar
11 Electric trunk lid
12 Heated steering wheel
13 Light switch;

Connection of diagnostics;

Rain sensor;

Control lever under the steering wheel;

Windshield heating.

14 Windshield washer
15 Dashboard;

Emergency call.

16 Light – right side
17 Electric windows – right side
18 Wipers
19 Infotainment
twenty Heated rear window
21 SCR (AdBlue)
22 Not used
23 Reversing camera
24 Telephone box;

GSM antenna;

USB connector;

Infotainment screen.

25 Control lever under the steering wheel
26 Databus
27 Shock absorber adjustment (adaptive suspension)
28 Alarm system sensor
29 Alarm system audible signal
thirty Ignition (ignition lock)
31 Air conditioning;


32 Passenger belt pretensioners
33 Electric windows – left side
34 Driver belt tensioners
35 Light – left side
36 Horn
37 Front seat heating
38 Interior lighting;

Button illumination;

Headlight cleaning;

Ambient lighting;

Manual air conditioning;


39 Support systems
40 Light switch;


Headlamp leveling;

Diagnostic connector;

Reverse light switch;

Control lever under the steering wheel.

41 Interior mirror dimming;

Outside mirror adjustment.

42 Clutch pedal switch;

Engine start;

Air conditioning.

43 Rear window wiper
44 Airbag system;

Airbag indicator light.

45 Wipers
46 Seat heating – rear
47 Not used
48 Electric steering column lock;

Kessy (Keyless Locking and Starting System).

49 SCR (AdBlue)
50 Rear USB connections
51 Not used
52 Front cigarette lighter socket;

12 V socket

53 Ignition lock trigger lock;

Automatic Transmission.

54 12 V socket in the luggage compartment
55 Not used
56 Manual air conditioning;


57 Not used
58 Windshield washer
59 Heated exterior mirrors;

Heated washer nozzles.

60 Towbar
61 Towbar
Engine compartment

1660192101 4 Skoda Kamiq Scala 2019 … Fuse Box Diagrams

Engine compartment fuse allocation (2019, 2020)

No Description
1 Engine control unit
2 Exhaust flap;

Coolant pump;

Radiator covers;

SCR (AdBlue);

Engine components.

3 Lambda probes;

NOx control unit.

4 Fuel pump, engine components
5 Radiator fan;

Boost pressure regulator;

Oil level and temperature sensor;

Engine components.

6 Crankcase breather;

Glow plug arrangement;

Engine components.

7 Braking system (vacuum pump)
8 Fuel pump, engine components
9 Brake light switch
10 Databus;

BCM controller;

Battery data module.

11 Not used
12 Air conditioning
13 Not used
14 ESC;

Engine control system;

Engine components.

15 Automatic Transmission
16 Not used
17 Engine control system
18 Starter
19 Not used
twenty ESC
21 ESC
22 Not used
23 Not used
24 Not used
25 Additional electric heater;

Radiator fan.

27 Additional electric heater;

Radiator fan.

28 Electric auxiliary heater
29 Heated windscreen

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