Seat Mii (2017) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,now. In this post you will discover a description of fuses and relays Seat Mii (2017) – fuse box

Include with pictures of box diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as typically the most popular thing people look for).
Get advice on Service fuses, upgrading a fuse, and more.

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:


Fuse box under the dashboard

The fuses are located under the steering wheel on the underside of the dashboard.

Seat Mii (2017) - fuse box

Number Description
1 Air conditioning;

Diagnostic connector.

2 Support headlight range control;

Parking aid;

Adjusting the surface of the exterior mirrors.

3 Automatic Transmission;

Motor controller;

Power steering;

Control lever under the steering wheel;

Instrument cluster

4 Airbag
5 Reversing light
6 Rear wiper;

Windshield washer.

7 Main beam – left side
8 Main beam – right side
9 Not assigned
10 Electric heated exterior mirrors;

Diagnostic port.

11 Not assigned
12 Vehicle lighting
13 Vehicle lighting
14 Vehicle lighting
15 Vehicle with the START-STOP system:


Vehicle without START-STOP system:

Central control unit, heating, automatic transmission, light switch, number plate light.

16 Vehicle lighting
17 Rear window wiper
18 Panoramic roof
19 Central lock
twenty Rear window heating
21 Reversing light
22 Horn
23 Voltage stabilizer (for the START-STOP system)
24 Headlamp blinker
25 Wipers
26 Radio
27 Turn on the traffic lights;

Brake lights.

28 Gear lever for automatic transmission
29 Fuel pump
thirty Motor controller;

Instrument cluster;

Rain sensor;

Control lever under the steering wheel.

31 Vehicle lighting
32 Central control unit
33 Vehicle lighting
34 Indoor lighting
35 Vehicle lighting
36 Vehicle lighting
37 ESC
38 Key bar
39 Control lever under the steering wheel;

Front and rear window washers.

40 Lambda probe;

Radiator fan;

Gas valve;

Oil pressure valve;

Activated charcoal filter valve.

41 Brake pedal switch;

Cooling fan.

42 Engine control unit
43 Fuel pump
44 Injection valves
45 Ignition coils
46 12 V power socket
47 Air conditioning / heating blower
48 Seat heaters
49 Electric windows
50 Vehicle lighting
51 Electric windows

Fuse box in the dashboard

On vehicles with the START-STOP system, the fuses are located on the left side of the dashboard behind the cover.

Seat Mii (2017) - fuse box
Number Description
2 Instrument cluster
3 Radio
4 DC-DC voltage converter;

Starter relay;

Button strip.

5 Air conditioning system
6 Not assigned
7 Not assigned
8 Not assigned
9 Vehicle lighting – right side
10 Vehicle lighting – left side
11 Starter
12 DC-DC voltage converter;


Instrument cluster;


Fuse box in the engine compartment

Seat Mii (2017) - fuse box

Number Description
2 Radiator fan
3 Radiator fan controller;


5 Central control unit;

Battery data module.

6 Ignition switch;


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