Renault will manufacture the electric motor of the EV Megane E-Tech in France

Renault will manufacture the electric motor of the EV Megane E-Tech in France. In 2021, the brand presented an electrification plan at the event of eWays ElectroPop where its main goal is to make electric cars much more popular and more affordable.

In said plan, it established that by the year 2025, at least 75% of the cars they manufacture will be hybrid and electric. By 2030, Renault expects 95% of cars in Europe to be 100% electric.

So, as part of this strategy, the company opened in the French Cléon plant a production line ofePT-160kW” which is an electric motor for the Megane E-Tech.

By 2024 they intend to manufacture just over 1 million electric motors. Half of them will be hybrids, while the other half will be electric. Since 2015, this plant has been producing electric motors for the Master ZE, Kangoo ZE, Twingo ZE and the ZOE.

The new production will include 2 winding lines and 4 assembly lines to manufacture some 122,000 motors each year. And to make this possible, since 2018 the company has invested some 650 million dollars to increase its production capacity.

Electric cars made 100% in France

We know that many times car parts come from foreign suppliers. So Reault Group try to manufacture most of the parts in France, in order to have an electric car 100% made in France. Although this rather ambitious proposal takes time, for now what is holding the company back a bit is the current war, in addition to government regulations. But even so, they will not take their finger off the line and intend to move gradually towards electromobility.

The new electric models manufactured (Including the 96kW Megane E-Tech) will carry the engine epT-160kW, which has a power of 160 kW (214 hp). While the ZOE’s old electric motor, the 5AX, will be phased out. Probably by 2024 the brand will launch the Renault Scenic, which is one of the most anticipated electric cars.

Reanult has been using this new technology for 10 years. Offering greater efficiency than the permanent magnet motor, so the new synchronous motor will have a wound rotor. This technology offers greater power and we can see it in the rear axle of the Tesla with all-wheel drive.

It has a power of 95 to 165 kW, a higher torque (300 Nm), it is much lighter and more compact than the Renault Zoe engine. The best thing about all this is that the production costs will be lower, as well as the environmental impact.

In 2024 the brand plans to produce a small engine with an output of 100kW (134 hp) to power the future Renault R5 electric. And in 2027 he will do a collaboration with Valeo Siemens eAutomotive for a new generation of 200kW motors.

Since 1958 the company has manufactured 97 million gearboxes and engines, so with the advent of the Megane E-Tech expands its catalog of electric cars thus offering different versions.

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