Peugeot 306 Breake (1997-2002) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hello!,good morning. Here you will discover a description of fuses and relays Peugeot 306 Breake (1997-2002) – fuse box

Include with pictures of block diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
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Peugeot 306 Breake (1997-2002) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.

Cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on Peugeot 306 Breake (1997-2002) is fuse 23 in the fuse box.

Console fuse box

No Amp [A] Description
1 Not used
2 7.5 Automatic gearbox or unit

controls the overspeed buzzer.

3 5 ABS control unit
4 5 Instrument panel;

Passenger compartment protection unit;

Coolant temperature unit;

Lighting of the automatic lever


Automatic transmission relay;

Pillow disarming switch

passenger airlift.

5 25 Reverse light switch;

Automatic transmission relay;

Stop light switch;

Daytime running light relay;

Fan assembly relay;

Pressure switch control;

Compressor relay.

6 5 Instrument panel;

Passenger compartment protection unit;

Alarm warning light;


Luggage compartment lighting;

Radio antenna.

7 thirty Fogging of the rear window and mirrors
8 twenty Passenger compartment protection unit;


9 twenty Injection control unit;

Fan assembly relay;

Coolant temperature unit.

10 twenty Emergency lights;

Front and rear position lamps.

11 10 Instrument panel lighting;

Sidelights buzzer;


Lighting rheostat;

Side lights.

12 10 Rear fog light
13 Not used
14 thirty Rear window relay i

heated seats.

15 twenty Towing hook
16 thirty Windshield relay i


17 twenty Horn control
18 10 Front fog lights
19 10 Right rear light
twenty thirty Ventilation;

Heating and air conditioning.

21 10 Left rear light;

Number plate lighting;

Front position lamps.

22 10 Ventilation relay;

Rear window and mirrors fogging check.

23 twenty Lighter
24 Not used
25 10 Radio
26 thirty Windshield wiper and pump

windshield washer;

Windshield wiper motor;

Wiper clock or relay

rain sensor.

27 15 Glove box lighting;

Direction indicators;

Electric control of mirrors;

Map reading lights;

Additional mirror;

Rain sensor;

Temperature sensor in compartment


28 15 Clock;

Outdoor temperature;

Windshield and heated seats relay;

Rear window wiper;


Engine compartment fuses

No Amp [A] Description
1 40 Alarm power supply
2 60 Power locks;

Lighting switch;

A / C blower assembly;

Front fog relay;

Diagnostic connector.

3 60 ABS ECU power supply
4 60 + positive supply of the fuse box
No Amp [A] Description
29 10 Left dipped beam
thirty 10 Right dipped beam
31 10 Main beam, left-hand side
32 10 Right high beam
33 15 Diesel control unit
34 10 Oxygen sensor
35 15 Fuel pump
36 twenty Headlight washer timer
37 40 Cooling fan
38 Not used
39 40 Spare fuse

fan assembly /

40 40 Not used

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