Opel Frontera (1998-2004) – Fuse Box Diagrams

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Opel Frontera (1998-2004) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

Cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on Opel Frontera (1998-2004) is the C3 fuse in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.

Engine compartment fuse box

Opel Frontera 1998 2004 Fuse Box Diagrams

Opel Frontera – fuse box diagram – fuse box in the engine compartment

No Amperes [A] Description
F1 15 Warning light
F2 10 Alarm and relay control unit;


Anti-theft horn.

F4 twenty Blower motor;

Blower resistor.

F5 10 Air conditioning thermostat relay;

Electronic thermostat;

A / C compressor relay;

Magnetic clutch.

F8 10 Headlight – left;

High beam indicator light;

Fog lamp relay.

F9 10 Headlight – right
F10 15 Fog lights
F11 twenty Oxygen sensor
F12 twenty Fuel pump
F13 15 Engine control module
FL2 thirty 6VD1:

Condenser fan unit

FL4 100 Ignition switch;

Starter relay;

Air conditioning;


Heater relay;

Fuse: F10, FL1, FL2, FL5, FL6.

FL5 60 Ignition switch;

Fuel pump relay;

Engine control module relay;

Powertrain module.

FL6 thirty X22SE:

Electric fan relay;

Electric fan.

X1 Reflector
X2 Fog lights
X3 Starter
X4 Air conditioning compressor
X5 Thermo
X6 Heater
X7 Fuel pump
X8 Engine control module
X9 6VD1:

Condenser fan

1 Brake

Passenger compartment fuse box

1660808879 981 Opel Frontera 1998 2004 Fuse Box Diagrams

Opel Frontera – fuse box diagram – passenger compartment fuse box

No Amperes [A] Description
C1 twenty ACC socket relay;

ACC socket.

C2 10 Audio
C3 15 Lighter
C4 15 Rear relay;

Parking light and side marker lamp;

Tail light;

Number plate lighting;

Lighting controller;


Driver for all indicators

gear changes.

C5 10 Stop light;

Sadditional light – left;

Additional light – right;

RR welcome light – left;

RR welcome light – right;

Luggage compartment lighting;

Eatalarm and relay control unit;

Digital clock;


C6 15 Stop light switch;

Rear combination lamp – left;

Rear combination lamp – right;

Top brake light.

C7 twenty FRT door lock and SW electric window;

Door lock actuator;

Anti-theft indicator light.

C8 10 Mirror defogger
C9 15 Rear defogger
C10 15 Rear defogger
C11 15 Indicators and warning lights (meter);


Vehicle speed sensor.

C12 15 Generator,

Main ECM Relay;

Vacuum switching valve (VSV);

Purge Solenoid Valve;

Coil drive;

Powertrain Module (PCM);

EGR valve.

C13 15 The ignition coil
C14 15 SW mode;



Reversing light;

Cruise control;

A / T turn signal control unit.

C15 15 Alarm control unit i

a relay;

Rear defogger relay;

Mirror defogger – left;

Mirror defogger – right;

Rear defogger SW;

Electric window relay;

Cruise control unit;

Shift lock relay;

4WD control unit;

Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV);

FRT axis (c);

Vacuum switching valve (VSV);

FRT axis (d).

C16 twenty Windshield wiper motor;

Windshield washer motor;

Alarm control unit i


C17 10 Rear wiper motor;

Rear window washer motor;

Alarm and relay and control unit.

C19 15 Audio
C20 10 Starter;

Starter relay;

Anti-theft controller.

C21 thirty Windshield relay;

SW windows;

Window motor;

Sunroof motor;

Open window driver;

Sunroof Switch;

Safety switch;

Limit switch;

Chair switch;

Front tilt engine and switch;

Motor and reverse tilt switch;

Sliding motor;

Re-cliner moror & SW.

C22 10 SRS beacon, SDM
I34 Rear lights
I35 Electric window control
I38 ACC socket
I39 Rear defogger
5 SW tailgate;

The door of SW.

6 Alarm and relay control unit

Engine compartment relay box

1660808880 728 Opel Frontera 1998 2004 Fuse Box Diagrams

Opel Frontera – fuse box diagram – engine compartment relay box

No Description
X15 X22SE:

Cooling fan (high speed)

X16 X22SE:

Cooling fan (low speed)

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