Nissan Qashqai (J11) (2013-2020) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,good night. Here you will find a description of fuses and relays Nissan Qashqai (J11) (2013-2020) – fuse box

Include with images of box diagrams along with their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most common thing people look for).
Get useful information on Support fuses, updating a fuse, and more.

No Description 81 10A Engine control unit 82 15A Engine control unit 83 15A Throttle;

Engine controller, z

Canister valve (EVAP);

MAF sensor;

Ignition coils;

Main relay;

Exhaust valve;

Inlet valve;

High pressure pump;


Fuse box in the engine compartment;

Air fuel ratio sensor;

Fuel heater;

Water in fuel sensor;

Coolant bypass valve.

84 10A Motor controller;

Intake manifold valve;

Timing exhaust valve;

Timing valve inlet;

Timing valve.

85 15A Air fuel ratio sensor;

Heated lambda probe;

Turbocharger valve;

Engine control unit;

Glow plug control unit.

86 15A Injectors;

Ignition coils;

Fuse box.

87 15A Air conditioning compressor relay 88 Not used 89 Not used 90 30A Front wiper relay;

Front wiper motor.

91 20A Fuel pump relay 92 Not used 93 10A ECM;

Gearbox control unit;

Gearbox range sensor;

Fuse box under the hood;

Neutral position sensor;

Main speed sensor;

Secondary speed sensor;

Speed ​​sensor;

Reverse / neutral sensor.

94 Not used 95 5A Steering lock block 96 10A Relay restart (start-stop) 97 10A Right front multifunction lamp;

Left front multifunction lamp;


Gearbox range sensor;

Fuse box under the hood;

Neutral position sensor;

Reverse speed switch;

Reverse / neutral sensor.

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