Mercedes-Benz Vito W638 (1996-2003) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,at this time. In this post you will discover a description of fuses and relays Mercedes-Benz Vito W638 (1996-2003) – fuse box

Include with pics of block diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get useful information on Program fuses, swapping a fuse, and more.

Amperes [A]
Description 1 7.5
10 Control module (terminal 15) for ABS and air suspension;



2 15 Immobilizer;

Engine control module (Terminal 15) M104.900

(ignition coil, fuel pump relay)

M111 and OM601

(idle speed control, diesel engine control module)

25 Multiple Wiper Relay – Rear 3 7.5 Engine fan;

Immobilizer control.

4 15 M104.900 (Oxygen sensor, secondary air pump relay, heater crankcase illumination, multiport fuel injection / ignition system control module, tank bleeding, secondary intake manifold switching and tank valve

M111 and OM601

(Seat Belt Warning Relay only for Japan)

25 Charge air cooler – diesel cooler fan – gasoline 5 twenty M104.900 (6 injection valves, fuel pump);

M111 and OM601 (ignition coils, tank sensor module, 4 injection valves).

25 ABS valve control 6 10 Automatic Transmission;

Immobilizer and engine control module (term 30).

7 15 Electronic level control warning lights;

Relay K26 (D +).

thirty Heating Operating device 8 10 Airbag control module twenty Headlight cleaning relay 9 7.5 Airbag indicator light;

Auxiliary heating control.

10 25 Trailer socket (term 30);

Refrigerator box.

11 thirty Rear window heating control module (terminal 30);

Anti-theft alarm;

Central locking control signal.

12 25 ABS control module (term 30) 10 Heater control unit 13 thirty Pneumatic shock absorber compressor 14 7.5 Additional equipment to operate the heater;

Trailer auxiliary blinker module;

Air damper control module;

Tachograph (terminal 30).

15 7.5 Two-way radio unit 16 15 A / C compressor relay;

Lighting switch and air conditioning control module;

Residual heat storage engine control module (term 15);


17 15 Automatic transmission control module (terminal 15);

Position switch and lighting switch;

Kick-down air conditioning switch, M111 and OM601

(gearbox fault indicator light)

18 10 Car telephone;

Mobile phone;

Alarm system control module;

Mirror adjustment (left, right, tilting inwards).

19 10 Daytime running lights relay K69 15 Crankcase ventilation (diesel);

Terminal 15 (gasoline engine).

twenty 10 Daytime running lights relay K68 15 Terminal 15 (gasoline engine) 21 10 Relay K71 (term 58) 15 Ignition coil (gasoline engine) 22 40 Front heater twenty Fuel pump (gasoline engine) 23 25 Right seat heating / position adjustment;

Rear window wiper relay (term 15).

7.5 ECU – Engine Control Unit (Diesel) 24 thirty Left seat heating / position adjustment 25 ECU – Engine Control Unit (Diesel) 25 10 Auxiliary heater and water pump relay;

Motor residual heat accumulator control module (terminal 30).

26 twenty High beam washing system relay 25 Heating support control unit (diesel fuel);

Auxiliary heating with heating booster.

27 25 Auxiliary water heater control module (term 30);

Engine radiator (turbo diesel).

28 15 D + terminal relay;

Daytime running lights K89 Relay.

29 10 Daytime running lights K69 Relay thirty 10 Daytime running lights K68 Relay 31 10 Terminal 58 relay 32 thirty Seat heating – left seat;

Seat adjustment – left seat.

33 25 Seat heating – right seat;

Seat adjuster – right seat.

34 7.5 Water separator 35 7.5 A / C rear heater 36 15 A / C rear heater Relay
M1 40 Engine fan (without air conditioning system) 60 Engine fan (with air conditioning) М2 50
60 ABS control module М3 40 M104.900 (secondary air pump);

M111 and OM601 (not used).

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