Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 (1995-2002) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,at this time. In this post you will find a description of fuses and relays Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 (1995-2002) – fuse box

Include with images of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
Get suggestions about Assistance fuses, updating a fuse, and more.

Number Description Amperes [A] 1 up to 31.5.99:

Front cigarette lighter

15 2 up to 28.2.97:

Spare control unit for garage door opener (USA);

as of 1.3.97 to 31.5.99:

Display operating unit with control unit (Japan).

7.5 as of 1.6.99:

Front cigarette lighter

15 3 Combination switch:

Dipped beam headlamp switch;

One-button washer switch with wiper;

Wiper switch;

Lamp in the glove box.

15 4 Instrument cluster;

Automatic heater (HAU);

up to 31.5.99:

HEAT button control unit;

Duovalve coolant circulation pump air conditioning;

for USA, Tempmatic:

Air conditioning control button;

Coolant unit Duovalve circulation pump;

Automatic air conditioning: AAC control and module works;

as of 1.3.97 to 31.5.99:

Unit operation / display with control unit (Japan);

Engines 111, 112, 113 and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) from 1.6.99 to 31.5.00:

Angle sensor twist.

10 5 up to 28.2.97:

Hazard warning lights switch;

Additional left indicator lamp;

Additional right turn signal lamp;

as of 1.6.99:

Front cigar lighter (with changed from circuit 15R to circuit 30 at the customer’s request).

15 6 up to 31.5.99:

Front cigar lighter (on customer request when converting from circuit 15R to circuit 30)

15 7 up to 28.2.97:

Instrument cluster;

Automatic heater (HAU):

HEAT button controller;

Fan blower;

Fresh air / recirculating air flap diverter valve;

Engine 104, 111:

HFM-SFI control unit via electronic acceleration relay (EFP);

Taxi version:


twenty 1) Instrument cluster;

Automatic heater (HAU);

as of 1.3.97 to 31.5.99:

HEAT button controller;

Fan blower;

Fresh air / air recirculation flap diverter valve;

Air conditioning, Tempmatic:

Fan blower;

Control unit with air conditioning button;

Fresh air / recirculating air, flap, valve changeover automatic;

Air conditioning:

AAC and maintenance module control;

Engine 104, 111:

HFM-SFI control unit via electronic accelerator pedal (EFP);



15 8 up to 28.2.97:

HEAT button controller;

Control unit with air conditioning button;

AAC [KLA] Control and maintenance module.

7.5 9 as of 1.3.97:

Electric steering lock.

15 10 up to 28.2.97:
Rear door wiper motor relay; Washer pump switch relay;as of 1.3.97 to 31.5.98:

Airbag indicator and warning lamp.

7.5 as of 1.6.98:

Airbag indicator and warning light;

Safety systems control unit.

10 11 Cargo space junction box;

Radio (as of 1.6.98);

Radio and navigation control panel (as of 1.6.98);

Navigation processor (as of 1.6.98);

CTEL transmitter / receiver (up to 31.5.99);

Driver seat adjustment relay (as of 1.6.

Front passenger seat adjustment relay (as of 1.6.

15 12 Heated front seat (HS) control unit;

Heated rear seat (HS) controller;

Left Front Seat Belt Comfort Position Solenoid;

Right front seat belt Comfort setting solenoid;

Electric rear window blind switch (center console);

Relay rear door wiper motor (as of 1.6.

10 13 Airbag indicator and warning lamp (up to 28.2.97);

Driver’s side airbag sensor;

Passenger airbag sensor;

Radio (until 2/28/97);

Radio and navigation control panel (up to 28.2.97);

Navigation processor (up to 2/28/97);

Safety systems control unit (as of 1.6.98);

Seat belt retractor (GUS) control unit with airbag (AB) (as of 1.3.97);

Passenger seat occupied and child seat recognition sensor (as of 1.3.97) 97).

10 14 up to 28.2.97:

Parktronic system control unit;

Infrared remote control unit (IFZ).

7.5 Rear door wiper motor relay (as of 1.3.97 to 31.5.99);

Outside mirror switch with mirror folding / unfolding function;

Infrared Driving Authorization System control unit;

Carriage separation point;

Power circuit relay 15 (as of 1.6.

Tire pressure monitor control unit (as of 1.6.

Engines 611, 612, 613, as of 1.6.00:

Heating support relay.

15 Gearbox 722 (up to 28.2.97):

Kickdown trip relay (up to 5/31/96);

Reverse gear blockade and solenoid blocking the parking latch (as of 1.6.96);

Engine 104, 111 (up to 28.2.97):

Purge control valve;

Roller timing solenoid timing;

Engines 604, 605 up to 31.5.96, Engine 606:

Preglow timer (up to 2/28/97);

Data link connector, Pin 2 (up to 2/28/97);

Engine 602, 611:

Heating support switch (as from 1.3.97);

Xenon headlight: Headlamp range adjustment controller;

Parktronic system control unit (as of 1.3.97).

15 16 up to 28.2.97:

Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror;

Infrared remote control receiver for interior rear view mirror (up to 31.5.96);

Washer heater thermal switch;

Outside mirror up / down adjustment;

Outside mirror adjustment left / right;

Left and right exterior mirror switch;

Left electric exterior mirror;

Heated exterior mirror;

Right electrically adjustable;

heated left mirror;

Right mirror heating;

Outside mirror switch with folding mirror.

15 as of 1.3.97 to 31.5.99:

Front door control unit on driver’s side

15 as of 1.6.99:

Front door control unit on the driver’s side

twenty 17 up to 28.2.97:

Steering angle sensor;

Data link connector, Pin 3;

Infrared remote control unit (IFZ) (up to 5/31/96);

Infrared drive authorization system control unit (as of 1.6.96);

Engine 606, c 31.5.96 96:

Data link connector II, pin 16.

10 as of 1.3.97:

STH or auxiliary heater;

Stationary heater;

Controller infrared drive authorization system;

Engines 602, 611, 612, 613, up to 31.5.00:

STH or additional heat.

twenty 18 from 1.6.96 :

Closing of the feedback relay

15 as of 1.3.97:

Driver’s side rear door control

Closing feedback relay (as of 1.6.

twenty 19 Engine 111, as of 1.6.96:

Ignition coils

10 Engine 104, as of 1.6.96: Engine 119:

Ignition coils (up to 28.2.97)

as of 1.3.97 to 31.5.99:

Additional air assembly relay;

Gear Oil Fan Assembly;

Additional coolant or transmission oil fan assembly.

15 as of 1.6.99:

Pump high pressure and return ASR / SPS (power steering dependent on speed);

High pressure and return pump;

ESP, SPS and BAS control unit.

40 twenty Electric suction fan control unit for engine and air conditioning (up to 31.5.99);

with engine 111ME, 112:

Electric suction fan control unit for engine and air conditioning (as of 1.6.

50 Additional fan controller (as of 1.3.97);

with engine 113, 613:

Electric engine and air conditioning suction fan controller (as of 1.6.

thirty with engines 611, 612:

Electric suction fan control unit for engine and air conditioning (as of 1.6.

70 21 Reserve – 22 up to 28.2.97:

Combined control unit

thirty 23 Rain sensor (up to 2/28/97);

CTEL transmitter / receiver;

TELE AID control unit (from 1.3.97 to 31.5.00);

Alarm control panel (from 1.3.97);

Frequency switching control unit (as of 1.3.97);

CTEL interface (as of 1.3.97);

Portable CTEL D2B interface (as of 1.6.

D2B interface Dynamic route guidance (as of 1.6.99);

Engine 111 with Cruise Control and 722 transmission, as of 1.6.00:

Vacuum brake booster pump control unit.

7.5 24 Engine 111 with Cruise Control from 1.6.00:

ME-SFI control unit [ME].

7.5 25 up to 28.2.97:

STH or booster heater;

Stationary heater timer.

twenty Engine 111 with Cruise Control and 722 transmission, as of 1.6.00:

Controller brake booster vacuum pump.

25 26 Reserve –

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