Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124 (1985-1996) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hello!,good night. In this post you will discover a description of fuses and relays Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124 (1985-1996) – fuse box

Include with photos of block diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
Get useful information on Service fuses, updating a fuse, and more.

Amperes [A]
1 16 Glove box lamp;
Cigar lighter;
Rear head restraints;

Rear wiper and washer;
Rear window;

Sunshade motor
Sliding / lifting roof;
Central locking / orthopedic backrest;
SBE control module (convertible);
HS control module;

Convenient function.

2 16 Wiper / washer;
Headlights / fog lights;
Electric seats;

Power windows;
Convenient function.

3 8 Lamps:



Side marker;

License plate (right);



Instrument cluster;




Sound signal;

Headlamp wiper / washer;
Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors;
HS control module;
Foldable head restraints;
Rear backrest / headrests;
Sliding / lifting roof;

Seat heating switch;

RB switch;
Electrically soft top switch;
Front seat adjustment with memory;
Seat belt warning module.

4 8 Fog lamp;

Rear fog lamp.

5 8 Stop light switch;
Front dome lamp;
Inductive speed sensor;
Instrument cluster;
Outdoor lamp failure monitoring module;
Cruise control;
Warning module;
Control lamp;
RB switch;
Soft roof;

Seat Belt Warning Module;

Daytime running lamp control module.

6 8 Signpost;

Outdoor temperature indicator;

Fan sound signal;

Starter switch;

Instrument cluster;
Warning lights;
ABS MIL TWC failure control module;

Safety bar;

Overvoltage protection relay module;

Ignition coils;

Preglow time limit relay module;

Generator charge control lamp.

7 8
16 1) Automatic air conditioning;
Automatic electric gearbox:


Fuse box mode valve;

Data link connector, terminal 16;
Throttle valve potentiometer;
Blower motor;
Heating / air conditioning system:
Electromagnetic clutch;
Air conditioning compressor;
Additional fan relay, terminal 86

Fan Auxiliary Relay (Stage 2)
ABOUT 2S (behind TWC) heater relay module;
Air conditioning system;

Monovalve, double valve;
Additional coolant pump;
Fresh / recirculating air flap changeover valve (changeover valve block);
Residual relay module;

Stationary heater control module;
Bypass valve;
Purge Control Valve / Fuel Tank Rental Valve;
Shift delay solenoid;
Heated windshield washer nozzle;
Heated windshield washer system;
Trip / Compressor Relay Module;
HFM-SFI control module;
EGR reversing valve 2;
Resonance intake manifold diverter valve;

Air pump diverter valve;
Adjustable camshaft timing solenoid;
Air pump electromagnetic clutch;
Function indicator / indicator lamp;

Reversing lamp.

8 8 Parking / rear / side lamps (left);
Engine compartment lighting. 9 8 Lighting controls

Gear shift position illumination;
Dome lamp (with switch-off delay and reading lamp);
Instrument illumination;

Illumination of external lamps switches;

Side mirror lighting;

Radio control;

Radio relay, terminal 86;
Electric seat relay module;
Rear headrest unlock switch;

Rear window sun visor switch;
Seat heating switch;

RB switch;
Soft top power switch;

Window switch;
Diagnostic module;

Hazard warning system;
Warning buzzer contact.

10 25 Rear demister 11 16 ATA control module 8 Transmission oil cooling;
Intake manifold heater;
Carburetor electrics. 12 25 Blower motor (automatic air conditioning);
Blower regulator (automatic air conditioning). 16 ATA control module 12 25 Anti-theft alarm system 13 8 Headlamps (left-hand dipped beam);
Anti-theft alarm system. 14 8 Headlamps (right-hand dipped beam);
Anti-theft alarm system. 15 8 Headlamps (left high beam) 16 Left main beam with left auxiliary main beam 16 8 Headlights (right high beam);
High beam indicator. 16 Right high beam with auxiliary right high beam AND 16 Heated sliding seats;

Orthopedic armchairs;

Folding headrests / rear shelf.

25 Central power window optional 8 Soft-top control module, optional
RB control module B 8 Seat belt extension system ;;
Anti-theft alarm
Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror;
Seat belt warning module, clip 86;
IRCL control module;
Adjustable, heated exterior mirrors. C. 16 Anti-theft alarm system;
Radio tuner / amplifier;
Audio Power Amplifiers;
CD changer;
Automatic antenna;
CD player;
Rear dome lamp (Combi);
Entry / exit lamp;
Alarm system;
Seat belt extender (Coupe);
Tailgate Lock Switch (Station Wagon);
Trunk light (except station wagon);
Rear reading lamps;
IRCL control module

CF control module;
Central lock;

Sound system;
Backrest lock (Coupe).

D 16 Auxiliary fan / dropping resistor E. 25 Electrically adjustable passenger seat:
Headrest motor;
Right front / rear seat power steering motor group with memory
Backrest motor;

Electrically adjustable driver’s seat:
Headrest motor;
Left front / rear memory powered seat motor group;
Backrest motor.

F. 25 Telescopic steering column;

Front passenger seat:
Seat motor forward / reverse;

Right front / rear seat motor assembly with memory;

Driver assistance seat:
Seat motor forward / reverse;
Left front / rear power seat motor.

G. 16 124545: 0600, 0700, 0900, 1000: Power windows (front left and rear right) 25 124545: 1200, 1300: Power windows (front left and rear right)
124545: 1500, 1600, 2100, 2200, 2500, 2700: Power windows (front) H. 16 124545: 0600, 0700, 0900, 1000: Power windows (front right and rear left) 25 124545: 1200, 1300: Power windows (right front and left rear)
124545: 1500, 1600, 2100, 2200, 2500, 2700: Power windows (rear) Relay AND Relay, power socket K5 B К10 Auxiliary fan pre-resistor relay;

K9kl Auxiliary fan relay (from my 1992, 400E / 500E models).

C. K9 Auxiliary fan relay;
K9k2 Auxiliary Pre-Fan Relay (from my 1992, 400E / 500E models). D K2 Headlight washer relay E. F14 Auxiliary fuse holder;
K17 Air Injection Relay (from my 1992, 400E / 500E models). F. Relay for power windows K4;

Comfort relay K24 (from my 1990).

G. K18 Seat belt warning relay (Сoupe only);
K29 / 1 Relay for starting first gear (Сoupe only); H. Combined relay N10 AND V1 seat LED (replaced with K24 from 1990);
V5 Parking Brake / ASR / Electronic Accelerator (From 1992 Models 400E / 500E). K. N7 outdoor lamp failure monitoring unit 1) Automatic climate control

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