Light bulbs AUDI A4 (B6) – How to replace the light bulb?

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Which bulbs do you need to replace the AUDI A4 (B6)?

Below is a list of the bulb types used in the 2000-2009 AUDI A4 lighting system, including 4-door convertible, estate and sedan vehicles.

Exterior headlights on Audi A4 (B6)

Type of lighting Bulb
Dipped beam H7
Traffic lights H7
Parking lights H6W
Fog light H11
Front indicator (direction indicator) PY21W
Side indicator WY5W
Daytime running light P21W
Side light R5W

Rear exterior lights on Audi A4 (B6)

Type of lighting Bulb
Rear turn signal (turn) PY21W
Tail light P21 / 5W
Brake light P21 / 5W
Reversing light P21W
Rear fog light P21W
License plate lighting C5W

Interior lighting on the Audi A4 (B6)

Type of lighting Bulb
Interior lighting C10W
Door security lighting W5W
Luggage compartment lighting W3W
Entrance lighting W5W
Lighting for pedestrian spaces W5W
Reading light W5W
Engine compartment lighting W3W
Door lighting W5W

Light bulbs AUDI A4 (B6) – Manual

To ensure the safety of yourself and others, it is very important to observe the condition of the headlights. Usually, the defect of the headlamp is a consequence of an obsolete bulb, which results in poor visibility on the road at night. At the same time, your vehicle may become more difficult to see by other road users. If you find that the headlight has gone out, be responsible and replace the bulb. Before attempting to repair the broken headlamp, make sure you have the correct bulb available. If you notice that another car has a defective headlight, don’t hesitate and advise the driver to repair it. This way you can avoid an accident.
The bulb life is limited. Sooner or later it will burn out and will have to be replaced. Bulbs, made of high-quality materials, last longer. It is recommended to use replacements for bulbs of well-known brands.

If the bulb burns out immediately after installation, there may be a problem with the electrical system in your vehicle – have it checked by a car electrician.

Note: Never touch the glass housing of the halogen lamp with your fingers. Oily stains can cause premature failure of the bulb. When assembling, hold the bulb by its base or use a piece of blank paper.

Audi A4 (B6) bulb replacement step by step:

1. To access the headlamp bulbs, remove the headlamp assembly. First, raise the engine hood:

2. Remove screws “1” and “2”:

3. Remove screw “1”:

4. Loosen bolt “1”:

5. To remove the headlamp, disconnect the wires (3):

6. To replace the dipped beam bulb, remove the cover.
7. Disconnect the wires (1). Unlock the metal clip (2) that holds the bulb in place:

8. To replace the high beam bulb, remove the cover “1” by releasing the metal latch “2” with a screwdriver:

9. Disconnect cable “1”:

10. Unlock the metal clip “1” that holds the bulb in place:

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