Kia Optima IV (2016-2018) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,at this moment. In this posting you will find a description of fuses and relays Kia Optima IV (2016-2018) – fuse box

Include with pics of box diagrams along with their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most common thing people look for).
Get tips about Program fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

MDPS 1 80A MDPS Unit (Column) COOLING FAN 2 60A [G4KH/G4FJ] Cooling fan relay1;

Cooling fan relay 2.

COOLING FAN 1 50A [G4KJ] Cooling fan relay 1 B + 3 50A Smart Junction Block (IPS 2 (IPS 5), IPS 3 (IPS 6), IPS 7, IPS 8) REAR HEATED 50A Rear heated relay DCT1 40A [G4FJ-DCT] TCM BLOWER 40A Blower relay POWER OUTLET 1 40A Power output relay IG2 30A [Bez klucza inteligentnego] Starting Relay, Ignition Switch,

[Z inteligentnym kluczem] Starter Relay, PCB Block (IG2 Relay)

MDPS 2 100A MDPS unit (rack) B + 1 60A Smart Junction Block (Fuse – SUNROOF1, SUNROOF2, S / HEATER RR, P / SEAT DRV, P / SEAT PASS, P / WINDOW LH, P / WINDOW RH, TRUNK) B + 5 60A PCB block (engine control relay, fuse – TCU1, ECU2, FUEL PUMP, KLAKSON, WIPER1) B + 2 60A Smart Junction Block (IPS 1, IPS 4, Fuse – AMP, S / HEATER FRT) ABS 1 40A ESC module IG1 40A [Bez inteligentnego klucza] Ignition switch,

[Z inteligentnym kluczem] PCB block (IG1 / ACC relay)

DCT 2 40A [G4FJ-DCT] TCM ABS 2 30A ESC module, universal control connector B + 4 40A Smart Junction Block (Leakage current Autocut fuse – INTERIOR LAMP, MEMORY1, MULTI MEDIA, Fuse – DOOR LOCK, MODULE1, SMART KEY, BRAKE SWITCH) E-CVVT 1 40A E-CVVT relay VACUUM PUMP 1 20A Vacuum pump DEICER 20A De-icer relay AMS 10 A. Battery sensor E-CVVT 2 20A PCM A / CON 10 A. Air conditioning control module E-CVVT 3 20A PCM HEATED MIRROR 10 A. Air conditioning control module;

Driver / Passenger Power Outside Mirror;


WIPER 2 10 A. BCM;


H / LAMP HI 20A Main headlight relay FUEL PUMP 20A Fuel pump relay ECU 1 20A PCM / ECM SENSORS 2 10 A. E / R Junction Block (Fuel Pump Relay, Cooling Fan Relay 1/2) [G4KJ]

Oil Control Valve (Exhaust), Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Variable Inlet Solenoid Valve, Canister Close Valve [G4KH]

Oil control valve (exhaust), Purge solenoid valve, RCV solenoid control valve, tank closing valve [G4FJ]

No.1 / # 2 Oil Control Valve, Purge Solenoid Valve, RCV Solenoid Control Valve, Tank Shutoff Valve

TCU 2 15A Transaxle range switch, TCM ABS 3 10 A. ESC module;

Universal control connector.

POWER OUTLET 3 20A Rear power socket B / UP LAMP 10 A. PCM / TCM;

Transmission range switch;


Electrochromic mirror;

Rear combination lamp (IN) left and right

SENSOR 1 15A Oxygen sensor (up / down) IGN COIL 20A Ignition coil # 1 / # 2 / # 3 / # 4 ECU 2 10 A. PCM / ECM TCU 1 10 A. PCM / TCM VACUUM PUMP 2 10 A. Vacuum pump;

Vacuum switch.

ECU 3 10 A. PCM / ECM POWER OUTLET 2 20A Front power socket # 1 HORN 20A Horn relay;

ICM Relay Box (Burglar Alarm Horn Relay).

WIPER 1 30A Wiper power relay

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