JCB 2CX – Fuse Box Diagrams

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JCB 2CX – fuse box diagram

Year of production:

Cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the JCB 2CX is a fuse – in the fuse box

The scheme of the fuse box

JCB 2CX Fuse Box Diagrams

JCB 2CX – fuse box diagram
No Amperes [A] Description
A1 10 Junction box;

Hydraulic tools.

A2 5 Engine shutdown system
A3 7.5 Direction indicators
A4 10 Gear with creep speed
A5 10 Manual gearbox
A6 5 Airmaster (if installed)
A7 5 Shovel reset, smooth ride system
A8 5 Brake lights (secondary)
A9 3 Side lights on the right
A10 3 Left side lights
B1 5 Tachometer, gauges
B2 15 Front horn;


Front wiper.

B3 7.5 Rear horn
B4 twenty Extra power socket
B5 15 Rear window washer and wiper
B6 10 Brake lights (basic)
B7 25 Rear work lights
B8 twenty Lighting, spotlights
B9 25 Front work lights
B10 10 Lighthouse
C1 3 Rear fog light
C2 15 Dipped beam
C3 7.5 Side lights
C4 15 Emergency lights
C5 10 Mat;

Face level fan;

Indoor lighting.

C6 1 Radio;

Hour counter.

C7 twenty Thermostat
C8 thirty Heater;

Air conditioning.

C9 3 Starter relays
C10 15 Traffic lights
R1 Indicators
R2 Front work lights
R3 Rear work lights
R4 Starter 1
R5 Starter 2
R6 Buzzer
R7 Neutral start
R9 Compressor lockout (Airmaster only)
R10 Compressor shutdown (Airmaster only)
R11 Compressor Start (Airmaster only)
R12 Parking brake
R13 Transmission dump
R14 Reverse gear
R15 Transmission forward
R16 Rear horn
R17 The lights
R18 Stop lights

Connection box fuses

To further protect the machine wiring harnesses and electrical circuits, a fuse box is attached to the battery as shown in B.

1660049625 594 JCB 2CX Fuse Box Diagrams
JCB 2CX – fuse box diagram – cell box fuses
No Amperes [A] Description
1 40 Warning lights;

Side lights;

Face level fan.

2 50 Wipers;




3 60 Work lights;

Fog lights;

Traffic lights.

4 50 Ignition;



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