Iveco Trakker – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,good night. On this page you will see a description of fuses and relays Iveco Trakker – fuse box

Include with photos of box diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most famous thing people look for).
Get suggestions about Support fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Number Amperes [A] Description 1 7.5 Parking lights, front, left;

Number plate lighting;

Parking lights, rear right;

Red lights front left;

Instrument panel lighting system;

Trailer reference circle lighting system.

2 7.5 Parking lights, front right;

Left rear parking lights;

Red lights front right;

Rear lights;

Headlight washers.

3 FROM High beam / dipped beam control. 4 5 Left-hand dipped beam headlamp. 5 5 Right-hand dipped beam headlamp. 6 7.5 Left high beam headlamp;

High beam indicator light.

7 7.5 Right high beam headlamp. 8 7.5 Fog lights. 9 5 Rear fog lights. 10 7.5 Additional high beam. 11 10 Audible or pneumatic signal;

Centrally controlled door locking system;

Voltage transformer.

12 5 Brake air dryer;

Flashing light;

Heater pre-filter control.

13 3 Battery charging indicator light. 14 3 Lamp repair;

Heated windscreen;


Instruments for measuring the supply of fuel.

15 7.5 Glass cleaner;

Windshield washer.

16 10 Emergency traffic lights. 17 7.5 Left-right turn signals. 18 7.5 Stop lights. 19 7.5 Reversing lamps. twenty 5 Tachograph 21 10 Lighters;

Interior lighting system;

Roof hatch.

22 FROM Iveco management bodies;

Control lamp that informs about unattached cabin in working position.

23 twenty Electric windows;

Sun visor;

Trailer braking system;

Multi-power take-off.

24 15 Electric fan. 25 10 Heated mirrors;

Engine brake

26 10 Headlamp cleaner 27 25 ABS trailer 28 15 ABS 29 5/15 ABS / EBS thirty 5 ABS.EBS 31 10 Intarder 32 10 Intarder 33 5 Key switch 34 15 EDC immobilizer 35 10 Eurotronic equipment 36 10 Eurotronic equipment 37 5 Air conditioning system 38 15 Air conditioning fan 39 15 Heating device for auxiliary heater 40 5 Additional heater control 41 3 VDI (Vehicle Data Interface) 42 twenty EDC – main relay 61 thirty Reserve 62 25 Reserve 63 15 Reserve 64 10 Reserve 65 7.5 Reserve 66 5 Reserve 67 3 Reserve ZA1 / 2 25 Heated windscreen. ZB1 / 2 – Not used Relay NO02 Sound signal NO03 Fog lights NO04 High beam flashing NO05 Traffic lights NO06 Headlamps for dipped headlamps NO07 Starter relay 40A NO08 Contactor for terminals 15 / 40A NO09 LEDs NO.10 Anti-starting system NO11 Intermittent movement of the windscreen wipers NO.12 Empty NO13 Empty NO.14 Empty NO.15 Empty NO.16 Stop lights GA Headlight washer timer GB Contactor 15 / 50A GC Anti-start contactor GD Contactor 15 / 50A GE Publisher for EDC (Principal) AND Empty B Contactor for D + C. Heated mirrors D Empty E. 1.5 power steering circuit F. 1.5 power steering circuit G. Main switch H. Main switch diodes AND “Multipower” power take-off K. Warning lamp for a clogged diesel filter L. Rear fog lights included M. EDC interlocking device with battery disconnect device N Air conditioning system ABOUT Air conditioning system P. “Multipower” power take-off R A strong start S. Empty T. Empty AT Motor brake resistances V Empty In Front axle differential lock. X Front axle differential lock. Y Air dryer in the brake system FROM Central differential lock AA Battery switch LEDs AB Battery switch LEDs AC Battery switch LEDs Transport of dangerous goods AD Battery switch. Transport of dangerous goods AE Battery switch. Transport of dangerous goods AF Battery switch.

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