Hyundai Tucson 3 (TL) (2015-2021) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,now. In this article you will discover a description of fuses and relays Hyundai Tucson 3 (TL) (2015-2021) – fuse box

Include with pics of block diagrams along with their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
Get advice on Support fuses, swapping a fuse, and more.

A / CON1 7.5A Air conditioning control module;

Cluster ionizer (automatic air conditioning);

E / R junction box (fan relay).

WIPER RR 15A ICM Relay Box (Rear Wiper Relay);

Rear wiper motor.

MODULE 6 10A BCM intelligent key control module WASHER 15A Multi-function switch (washer switch) MODULES 5 7.5 amps Emergency switch;

Parking assist buzzer;


ATM gear lever;


AEB sensor;

Console switch;

Left and right blind spot detection radar;

Lane departure warning module;

Movement of the lane keeping assistant control module.

AIR BAG 15A SRS control module;

Passenger detection sensor.


Smart key control module;


A / V head unit and navigation unit;

TMU module;


Powered exterior mirror switch;

PCB assembly (socket relay).

START 10A ICM Relay Box (Burglar Alarm Relay);

Transmission range switch.

MODULES 7 7.5 amps Vented Front Seat Control Module;

Front seat heating control module;

Rear seat heating.

HEATED STEERING 15A BCM, heated steering wheel MODULE 8 7.5A Power supply for driver’s and passenger’s exterior mirrors;

Central dashboard switch;

Key solenoid;

AEB sensor.

MODULE 4 7.5A Data connector;

Air conditioning control module;

Left and right headlight;

Head unit of audio / video and navigation system;

Electrochromic mirror;

TMU module;

Front seat ventilation control module;

Front seat heating control module;

Rear seat heating.

A / BAG IND 7.5A Instrument cluster;

Central switch on the front panel.


ATM gear lever;

IPS control module (ON / START input).

SMART KEY1 15A intelligent key control module 4WD 20A EBU 4WD TAILGATE OPEN 10A Relay for opening the tailgate S / HEATER RR 15A Heated rear seat MDPS 7.5 A MDPS unit SMART KEY3 7.5A Intelligent key control module;

Immobilizer module.

CLUSTER 7.5A Instrument cluster (IG1 Power);

ATM ILL gear lever.

SMART KEY2 10A Smart key control module;

On and off button;

Immobilizer module.

MULTIMEDIA 15A Audio main unit;

Audio / video and navigation;

TMU module.

LAMP INTERIOR 10A Ignition key III. & Door warning switch;

Trunk lamp;

Glove box lamp;

Console ceiling lamp;

Front mirror lamp;

Interior lamp;

Personal tail light.

DOOR LOCK 20A Door lock relay;

Door unlock relay;

ICM Relay Box (Two-turn unlock relay).

SUNROOF2 20A Panoramic sunroof POWER OUTLET 20A Front socket and cigarette lighter BRAKE SWITCH 7.5A Intelligent key control module;

Brake light switch.

MEMORY 2 10A Data link connector;


Instrument cluster;

Air conditioning control module;

Automatic light and photo sensor;

Electrochromic mirror;

ICM Relay Box (Folding / Folding Exterior Mirror Relay).

P / SEAT (PASS) 30A Hand switch on passenger seat S / HEATER FRT 20A Vented front seat control module;

Front seat heating control module.

SUNROOF 1 20A Panoramic sunroof MODULES 2 20A PCB unit (fuses – ABS3, ECU6, TCU2, MODULE1, MODULE2) A / CON2 7.5A Air conditioning control module HEATED MIRROR 10A Power outside rearview mirror, driver and passenger;

Air conditioning control module;


P / SEAT (DRV) 30A Driver seat manual switch SAFETY P / WINDOW 25A Electric window lifter controller safety module P / WINDOW RH 25A Electric window main switch;

Passenger lift electric window switch.

P / WINDOW LH 25A Main window switch lifter AMP 25A Amplifier

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