Hyundai Nexo (2018-2019) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,now. Here you will see a description of fuses and relays Hyundai Nexo (2018-2019) – fuse box

Include with pictures of box diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most common thing people look for).
Get useful information on Program fuses, upgrading a fuse, and more.

Fuse name [ZA] Protected component MEMORY1 10 Rear power gateway module, A / C control module, A / C control panel MODULE1 10 ICM Relay Box (Folding / Folding Relay for Exterior Mirror), A / V & Navigation Head Unit (Hazard Flasher Switch), Shift Switch (SBW), Auto Light & Photo Sensor, Driver / Passenger Power Outside Mirror, Instrument Cluster TAIL GATE OPEN 10 Tailgate Relay P / WINDOW RH 25 Power window relay RH P / WINDOW
LH 25 LH window relay, driver safety window module P / SEAT DRV 25 Manual driver’s seat switch MODULE 4 7.5 IBU, Remote Intelligent Parking Assist, VESS Unit, Electronic Parking Brake Switch, Lane Keeping Assist Unit (Line), LH / RH Blind Spot Warning Unit, Collision Pad Switch, PE Room Junction Block (Universal Control Connector) MODULE 8 7.5 Data link connector, emergency fall switch, electrochromic mirror S / HEATER RR twenty Rear seat heating HEATED
MIRROR 10 Driver / passenger power outside mirror, air conditioning control panel S / HEATER
FRT twenty Front air vent / seat heating Seat control module AMP 25 AMP MULTI MEDIA 15 A / V and navigation head unit, center console switch panel MODULES 5 10 Front Air Ventilation / Seat Heater Seat Control Module, AMP, A / V and Navigation Head Unit, A / C Control Panel, PTC Heater, A / C Control Module, Electrochromic Mirror, Rear Seat Heater WIPER (RR) 15 ICM Relay Box (Rear Wiper Relay), Rear Wiper Motor DOOR LOCK twenty Door Lock Relay, Door Unlock Relay, ICM Relay Box (Two Turns Door Unlock Relay) IBU1 15 IBU BRAKE
SWITCH 10 IBU, stop lamp switch P / SEAT PASS 25 Passenger seat manual switch A / C 7.5 A / C Control Module, Car Temperature Sensor, A / C Control Panel, Cluster Ionizer, A / C Compressor, PE Room Junction Block (Blower Relay) AIR BAG2 10 SRS control module WASHER 15 Multi-function switch MDPS 7.5 MDPS unit MODULES 7 7.5 Front Air Ventilation / Seat Heating Seat Control Module, AC Inverter, Rear Seat Heater, Surround View Monitor Module, Rear Power Outlet SUNROOF2 twenty Sunroof unit DSUNROOF1 twenty Sunroof unit CLUSTER 7.5 Instrument cluster MODULES 3 7.5 SCU, Shift Select Switch (SBW), IDC, VPD Sensor, Stop Lamp Switch, HMU, BMS Control Module START 7.5 FCU, IBU IBU2 7.5 IBU A / BAG IND 7.5 Instrument cluster, air conditioning control panel MODULE 6 7.5 IBU MODULES 2 10 BMS Control Module, Wireless Charger, LH / RH USB Charger, A / V & Navigation Head Unit, Center Console Switch Panel, Amplifier, Ambient View Monitor Unit, Outside Mirror Power Switch, IBU AIR BAG1 15 SRS control module, passenger presence detection sensor

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