Hyundai i20 II (IB) (2014-2020) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hello!,good night. In this posting you will discover a description of fuses and relays Hyundai i20 II (IB) (2014-2020) – fuse box

Include with pics of box diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
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Hyundai i20 II (IB) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Location of the fuse block

The fuse block is located in the dashboard and in the engine compartment.

Diagram of the internal fuse panel

Hyundai i20 II IB 2014 2020 Fuse Box Diagrams

The symbols described are shown in the diagram above from left to right.

Fuse name Amperes [A] Description
SAFETY P / WDW 25A Safe Driver Power Window Module
P / WDW LH 25A Power window main switch;

Passenger power window switch.


Air conditioning control module;

Driver / passenger exterior mirror power supply.

FOG LP FRT 10 A. Front fog lamp relay
RR HTD 30A RR HTD relay
P / WDW RH 25A Driver’s window power switch
STOP LAMP 15A Stop signal electronic module
POWER OUTLET LH 20A Power socket on the left side
DR LOCK 20A Gate / gate unlocking relay;

Door lock / unlock relay.

POWER OUTLET RH 20A Power socket on the right
BLOWER 10 A. Air conditioning control module;

Blower motor.

ACC 10 A. Outside mirror power switch;


Digital clock;


Intelligent key control module;

I / P connector block (P / OUTLET relay).

START 10 A. A / T: Transmission range switch, M / T: ECM, E / R connector block (start relay), p

Ignition lock switch;

Intelligent key control module.

SENSOR 10 A. Water sensor
MODULE3 10 A. Air conditioning control module;

E / R manifold block (universal control connector);

Central switch;

A / T ILL shift lever.

PDM1 25A Intelligent key control module
PDM2 25A Intelligent key control module;

Start / Stop button switch.

MODULE2 10 A. Rear parking assist sensor buzzer;

Rear right and left parking assist sensor;

Rear parking assist sensor (center).

TCU 15A A / T: Transmission Range Switch, Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor (Input / Output),

M / T: Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor, I / P Connector Block (F26)

TAIL LP RH 10 A. Rear lamp assembly (input / output), right;

Right front lamp;

ILL. (+);

License plate lamp.

TAIL LP LH 10 A. Rear lamp assembly (input / output) left;

Left head lamp;

License plate lamp.

RR WIPER 15A Rear wiper motor;

Multi-function switch;

E / R Connector Block (Rear Wiper Relay).

ABS 10 A. ABS control module
A / BAG 10 A. SRS control module
ECU 10 A. ECM, intelligent key control module
BRAKE SWITCH 10 A. Stop lamp switch;

Intelligent key control module.

CLUSTER 10 A. Instrument cluster
MDPS 10 A. MDPS unit

Stop lamp switch;

Sport mode switch.


Intelligent key control module.

A / CON 10 A. E / R Connector Block (Blower Relay);

Air conditioning control module;

Cluster ionizer (automatic air conditioning).

WASHER 15A Washer motor
MODULE5 10 A. Electrochromic mirror;


E / R Connector Block (H / Lamp HI Relay).

A / BAG IND 10 A. Instrument cluster
AUDIO 20A Audio
ROOM LP 10 A. Trunk lamp;

Interior lighting;


Emergency switch;

Interior lamp, center;

Data link connector;

Digital clock;

Instrument cluster;

Air conditioning control module.

Diagram of the main fuse panel in the engine compartment

1659740533 671 Hyundai i20 II IB 2014 2020 Fuse Box Diagrams

Fuse name Amperes [A] Description
MDPS 80A MDPS unit
ALT [125A] (150A) Alternator fuse – F9 / F10 / F11;

Alternator fuse: gasoline – 125A, diesel – 150A.

B + 3 30A I / P junction block (power connector (fuse – F45, F46), fuse – F5, F9, F34)
IG1 30A Without the Start button:

Ignition switch;

With Start Button:

PDM Relay Box (IG1 / ACC Relay).

B + 1 30A I / P terminal block (fuse – F11, F20, F23, F24)
GLOW 80A E / R manifold block (RLY. 1)
B + 5 40A I / P terminal block (P / OUTLET relay)
B + 4 40A I / P Terminal Block (RR HTD Relay)
ABS 30A ABS control module
ABS 40A ABS control module;

Universal control connector.

[ ] : G4LA (1.2 gasoline), G4LC (1.4 gasoline)

(): D4FC (1.4 Diesel)

PCB block (gasoline engine)

Fuse name Amperes [A] Description
ECU 1 30A PCB block (engine control relay, fuse – F25)
HORN 15A Horn relay, B horn relay / alarm
F / PUMP 20A F / pump relay
WIPER FRT 25A Wiper relay
H / LAMP LO 20A Headlight Relay (Low)
H / LAMP HI [20A] (10A) Headlight Relay (High)
C / FAN 40A Fan relay (low speed);

Fan relay (high speed).

BLOWER 50A Blower relay
IG 2 30A Start relay;

Without the Start button:

ignition switch;

With Start Button:

PDM relay box (IG2 relay)

IG 2 30A I / P terminal block (P / WDW relay, fuse: F1)
ECU 3 15A F / pump relay;

ECM, Hi / Lo C / Fan Relay;

Camshaft Position Sensor # 1 / # 2;

Oxygen sensor (up / down);

Oil Control Valve # 1 / # 2;

Purge Control Solenoid Valve;

Variable inlet solenoid valve.

B / UP LAMP 10 A. M / T:

reverse lamp switch,

I / P junction box (fuse – F26),

A / T:


gear range switch,

instrument cluster,

electrochromic mirror.

H / LAMP RH 10 A. Right headlight
H / LAMP LH 10 A. Left headlight
ECU 2 15A ECM;

# 1 / # 2 / # 3 injector.


Ignition Coil G4LC:

Ignition coil # 1 / # 2 / # 3 / # 4;


[ ]: General type of head lamp

(): Projector type

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