Hyundai Accent (2018-2019) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hello!,now. In this article you will see a description of fuses and relays Hyundai Accent (2018-2019) – fuse box

Include with pics of box diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
Get recommendations on Service fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Name Amperes [A] Description MDPS 80 MDPS unit ALT 150 E / R terminal block (fuse – ABS1, ABS2, BLOWER, REAR HEATED) REAR HEATED 40 I / P Terminal Block (Rear Defogger Relay) ABS1 40 ESC module;

Universal control connector.

ABS2 40 ESC module BLOWER 40 E / R Junction Block (Blower Relay) WIPER 10 Front wiper motor;

Multi-function switch;

E / R Connector Block (Low Speed ​​Wiper Relay)

ECU4 15 ECM / PCM SENSOR1 10 Oil control valve # 1 / # 2;

E / R Junction Block (Cooling Fan Relay 1/2);

Oxygen sensor (top);

Oxygen sensor (bottom);

Variable Inlet Solenoid Valve;

Auxiliary Relay Block (A / C Relay);

Purge Control Solenoid Valve;

Canister closing valve.

ECU2 15 ECM / PCM ECU3 twenty ECM / PCM HEAD LAMP RH 10 Right head lamp HEAD LAMP LH 10 Left head lamp IGN COIL twenty Ignition coil 1 to 4;


ECU5 15 ECM / PCM;

E / R Connector Block (Fuel Pump Relay)

B / UP LAMP 10 Backup lamp switch B + 1 40 I / P Terminal Block


power connector (AUDIO, ROOM LAMP))

B + 2 50 I / P connector block (fuse – IMMO, SMART KEY1, BRAKE SWITCH,
BCM, SAFETY P / WINDOW, S / HEATER, SUNROOF, window relay) IG2 40 Ignition switch;

PDM Relay Box (IG2 Relay);

E / R Terminal Block (Start Relay).

COOLING FAN 40 Junction Block E / R (Cooling Fan Relay 1/2) ECU1 thirty E / R Connector Block (Fuse – ECU3, ECU4, Main Relay) B / ALARM HORN 10 B / Horn relay HEAD LAMP twenty E / R Connector Block (Headlamp Relay) H / LAMP HI twenty Without DRL:

E / R terminal block (H relay / HI lamp)

From DRL:



FUEL PUMP twenty E / R Connector Block (Fuel Pump Relay) HORN 10 E / R Connector Block (Horn Relay) A / C 10 Auxiliary Relay Block (A / C Relay) AMS 10 Battery sensor B + 3 40 Instrument Panel Junction Block (Fuse – T / SIGNAL LAMP, DOOR LOCK, Tail Lamp Relay) IG1 40 Ignition switch;

PDM Relay Box (IG1 Relay, ACC Relay).

POWER OUTLET 40 I / P Terminal Block (Power Output Relay)

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