How to Remove the Catalytic Converters on a Ford F-150

The catalytic converter on a Ford F-150 vehicle is a vital piece of equipment, one that is responsible for minimizing the amount of toxins generated by the truck. In this article we will tell you how to remove the catalytic converters on a ford f-150.

If your catalytic converter has failed, or even if you just want to change it, it is essential that you know what you are going to find before you start. Fortunately, the directions for removing the catalytic converter on an F-150 are straightforward.

Steps to remove the catalytic converters on a Ford F-150

  1. The first thing you should do is put on the goggles.
  1. Sube la Ford F-150. Try to use a good grade jack and put the jack stand under the frame of the F-150 car. Do not jack up any vehicle without seeing where you are placing the jack. You can easily damage the body of your vehicle by placing the jack too close to the body.
  1. locate the catalyst. While the location of the catalytic converter varies over the years, on the vast majority of F-150 vehicles the catalytic converter is located about three feet or so from the engine toward the muffler.
  1. hit the catalyst at both ends with the hammer. Don’t hit him. The goal is to remove as much debris as possible so you can easily locate and reach the nuts that hold the catalytic converter to the bracket.
  1. Loosen each of the screws with the socket wrench turning them counterclockwise.
  1. catalyst strip towards you and proceed to remove it from the support, after each and every one of the screws is loose.


Be sure to put another catalytic converter in the F-150, as it’s not legal to drive a car without one.

How to Remove the Catalytic Converters on a Ford F-150
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