How To Find And Change The Main Battery Fuse?

If perhaps you cannot start your car, it is possible that your car is suffering from a fault with the main battery fuse, but do not worry because in this post you will learn how to find the main battery fuse of your car and change it if necessary.

After eradicating any other potential problems with the alternator, check the vehicle’s battery. If the battery connectors are clean and you haven’t done anything to drain the battery, find and check the main battery fuse.

Steps to find the main battery fuse

You just have to follow the following steps and you will be able to locate and replace the fuse correctly:

  1. You need to find the owner’s manual.Since the best way to find the main battery fuse is by looking at the user manual, you have to focus on the table of contents which is also known as the index to find the fuse box feasibly.
  1. Open the hood of the vehicle, you need to make sure your car is in park, the emergency brake is up, and you are in a safe place. It is better that prior to opening the hood, you should put on a pair of rubber gloves, and then you should try to secure the hood with the hood brace, not forgetting that safety is always the priority.
  1. You should look for the fuse box under the hood, but keep in mind that all cars are different and the location or location of the fuse box may vary. However, the vast majority of under-the-hood parts are either labeled or relatively easy to locate in the owner’s manual.
  1. review the diagram, and after you have found the fuse box, you should look at what is written on the fuse box cover. Almost all fuse boxes have a conspicuously labeled diagram that lets you know which fuses are under the cover. There will be a note that says “drums“which has a number which is associated with it, and the number symbolizes the amps of the fuse, and that number is the one you are going to locate when you open the fuse box.
  1. Open the fuse box with the help of a screwdriver, you have to compare the diagram of the fuse box with the actual distribution that you can see inside the box. The fuse box must be located exactly like the diagram on the cover, and each fuse must have a number printed above it. You must locate the one associated with the battery and in this way you will be able to successfully locate the fuse of the main battery of your car.
  1. finally left to you replace the fuse of the main battery if you notice that it has burned so that your car requisition to normal.


If you can’t find an online version of your owner’s manual, try posting to different websites that are geared towards providing you with help in the automotive world.

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