How to choose a good third party liability insurance?

Civil liability insurance is compulsory, unlike Autocasco. Many insurers on the market have different offers, which is why it is so difficult to choose the right one for you. In this article, we suggest what to pay attention to so that the purchase of a motor policy will bring you benefits and not reduce your wallet too much.

What is the difference between the individual offers?

If you are going to choose one of the many offers from insurance companies, consider whether you are satisfied with the basic cover. In fact, regardless of the insurance company, you always get the same communication protection. This provision is regulated by the Act of May 222, 2003. Therefore, do not relate the higher price of the basic insurance policy to its quality. Prices vary because they are not legally regulated and anyone can set them as they see fit. So let’s use a helpful tool, e.g. an AC OC calculator: will compare dozens of offers after setting the selected filters. Do not overpay for basic communication protection, and the money saved can be used for a possible policy extension.

What is it worth spending a little more on?

The basic statutory coverage may always be extended to include additional insurances. Among them is, for example, ASS or NWW. Some companies meet the expectations of drivers and offer them lucrative discounts on various additional insurance. So go through the offers carefully, compare and choose the best one for you. You can always make a phone call or make an appointment with a consultant. Then you will get a handful of valuable information and choosing a good policy will be even easier. Drivers most often choose several popular policy extensions, which are presented below.

Assistance – it is a very often chosen additional insurance, which applies to towing a vehicle after it is immobilized. Such situations happen and quick help in such cases is invaluable. Just pay attention to the mileage limit, because this entry is often overlooked by drivers. If this is a small segment, then look for a different, more profitable offer. As part of Assistance, you also get medical, service and information assistance.

Motor Hull insurance – this is the second equally often chosen insurance, which already costs much more. Thanks to this insurance, you will get a refund even if the car is damaged due to your fault. Cash is also refunded in the event of car theft or damage due to the elements. If you do not want a full AC package, then you can choose the reduced version, i.e. Mini Casco, Smart Casco or AC Mini. Then you choose one or more insurance, e.g. against theft.

NWW – This accident insurance is also very often chosen by drivers as an addition to the third party liability insurance. It concerns the protection of health and life of drivers and their passengers. The amount of insurance is very important here, because the amount of compensation depends on it.

Glass and tire insurance – This is the least profitable insurance. In the contract, you will find many tricks that drivers do not always catch. Most often, you will get a replacement for a damaged windshield or tire, not a new product. It’s worth reading about it. Also, pay attention to the fact that you will not receive any help for a broken glass abroad.

Always pay attention to each entry in your policy. Also have a detailed interview and request a quote. Often, in the course of personal contact, you can get a good discount on various insurances. It is also worth asking friends and reading opinions on specific insurers on the Internet. It is important not to overpay and get a good policy tailored to your current needs.

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