How To Change The Speedometers Of A Corsa: Steps And More!

The Opel Corsa, also known as the Vauxhall Corsa or Chevrolet Corsa, is a vehicle manufactured by General Motors since 1982. Although popular throughout the world, the Opel Corsa has never been released in North America. In this post we are going to tell you everything about how to change the speedometers on a Corsa.

Corsa’s speedometer lets you see how fast you’re driving. A faulty speedometer can be a safety hazard, so if you notice that your speedometer isn’t working properly, you’ll need to replace it. Unfortunately, replacing the vehicle’s speedometer requires replacing the entire instrument cluster.

How to Change the Speedometers on a Corsa

Remove Speedometer From A Corsa
Chevrolet Corsa 1.6 GL 2000

The steps to follow to replace the speedometers on a Corsa vehicle are as follows:

  1. Park the Corsa and turn off the engine. Put the parking brake in gear.
  1. Raise the hood of your Corsa and disconnect the battery with a socket wrench.
  1. Open the driver’s side door of your Corsa. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to uninstall the three retaining screws under the top of the instrument panel above the instrument panel. Then remove the instrument panel.
  1. Remove the four retaining screws from the milking cluster with a Phillips head screwdriver.. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the speedometer kit out of the dash.
  1. Disconnect the three cluster wiring connections on the back of the cluster. Remove the group from the Corsa.
  1. Place the replacement kit with the functional speedometer on the instrument panel. Again reconnect all three wiring connections.
  1. Replace the four mounting bolts to secure the speedometer kit. Replace the instrument panel and its three retaining screws. Reconnect the Corsa’s battery and finally close the cover.


Before changing the speedometers of your Opel or Chevrolet Corsa you must take into account:

  • Since the instrument panel replacement will also replace the vehicle’s odometer, you’ll need to get a Odometer Disclosure Form from your state DMV (if you live in the United States) to avoid odometer fraud. You are exempt from this if your Corsa was manufactured more than ten years ago.

Items you will need

The items you will need for this procedure are the following:

  • Glass Key
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • flat head screwdriver
Replacing the Speedometer of a Corsa
Chevrolet Corsa

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