How To Change A Ford Fiesta Alternator: Steps And More!

Ford Fiesta vehicles have an alternator that is responsible for providing energy to the car’s electrical system and keeping the battery fully charged. The 1977 thru 1981 Fiesta alternator features an adjustment bracket on top of the alternator that keeps the alternator belt taut at all times. In this post we are going to explain the proper way to change an alternator on a ford fiesta.

The alternator needs to be replaced promptly if it begins to malfunction or stops working altogether. Once the alternator fails and stops working, the battery is discharged and the entire electrical system stops working.

Steps to change an alternator on a Ford Fiesta

If you cannot repair the alternator of your Ford Fiesta you will have to replace it. The steps you must follow to change the alternator of a party car are the following:

Replacing an Alternator on a Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta 1993
  1. Drive your Ford Fiesta to a safe work environment. He hits the parking brake and then opens the hood.
  1. Secures the cover or hood in place with the locking bar. Next, remove the battery cable from the negative pole of the battery with an adjustable wrench. Pull the negative battery cable back away from the negative battery post. Next, close the hood.
  1. Loosen all the studs on the driver’s side front wheel with the lug wrench (cross).
  1. Slide the floor jack under the front area of ​​the Fiesta and raise the front end from a safe lifting point. Once your car is high enough, put the safety stand under the driver’s side frame rail next to the front wheel split. Slowly lower the car to the top of the stand. Leave the floor jack in the raised position under the frame rail.
  1. Remove the wheel studs. Then pull the wheel and place it on the flat ground so that it doesn’t roll.
  1. Remove the plastic cover from the rear area of ​​the wheel compartment, you do this by simply unscrewing the small screws with the help of a ratchet wrench and a socket (also known as a socket wrench). Pull off the lid and place it on the ground. Alternator and adjusting bracket now accessibleit only remains to change the alternator of the Ford Fiesta.
  1. Loosen the locknut on the front of the alternator adjusting bracket using a ratchet and socket (or socket wrench). Then you must turn the adjustment bolt at the end of the bracket, you have to turn it counterclockwise in order to loosen the transmission belt that is around the alternator pulley. Pull the belt off the alternator pulley and let it hang down there.
  1. Remove the positive connection from the battery from the back of the alternator by unscrewing the lock nut, this can be done using a ratchet wrench and socket. Next, pull the cable off the bolt and away from the alternator.
  1. Separate the wiring harness connector from the back of the alternator by pressing in on the zip ties located near the front of the plug. Pull the plug at the same time and the plug will come out the rear of the alternator.
  1. Loosen and remove the alternator mounting bolts with the ratchet and socket (this is also known as a socket wrench).. There are three pivot bolts that connect the alternator to the alternator bracket. One pivot bolt is located at the top of the alternator and the other two pivot bolts are located at the bottom of the alternator. The three pivot bolts can be accessed and removed from the bottom of the wheel well.
  1. Move the alternator back and forth with your hands, doing so until finally the alternator is loose inside the alternator bracket.. Next, pull the alternator out of the bracket and pull it out through the wheel well.
  1. After you have been able remove old alternator from Fiesta Slide the new alternator through the wheel well and into the alternator bracket.
  1. When you finish or have finished placing the new alternator, again install both the plastic cover and the wheel. Tighten the studs on the wheel with the lug wrench. Jack up the front of the Ford Fiesta and remove the kickstand, then lower the car to the ground and remove the jack.
  1. Open the hood up and reattach the negative battery cable and tighten with the ratchet and socket wrench. Start the engine and let it run for about a minute so the new alternator can fully charge the batterythen turn off the engine and close the hood.


There is a tip you should keep in mind:

  • If after changing a Ford Fiesta alternator it is too tight inside the alternator bracket after you have removed all the pivot bolts, use a small pry bar to remove the alternator from its bracket.


Be very careful with the following when you are doing this process:

  • You must be very careful if you are working under a Ford Fiesta, specifically when the car is in the safety stand.

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