How to Change a Drive Belt on a Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta has been around since the 1970s. Built as a compact vehicle, it has been a staple in Europe and South America for the last few decades. In this post we are going to tell you how to change a drive belt on a ford fiestaso read on.

If you have an older model or a new Fiesta, from time to time you will need to fix it. This includes the drive belt, essential for powering the air conditioning, power steering pump, and engine coolant fans.

How to Change a Drive Belt on a Ford Fiesta

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The indications and the steps that you must follow to replace a transmission belt in a Ford Fiesta are the following:

  1. Check that the belt is in contact with the pulleys and that it is in good condition. The strap is located at the front of the car. If the strap is loose, frayed, or worn, it needs to be replaced.
  1. remove the old belt. Use a wrench to loosen the mounting bolts on the alternator, where the pulleys are located. Loosening the bolts will cause the pulleys to loosen.
  1. Push the alternator towards the engine and pull the belt from the alternator pulleys.
  1. Take the old belt to an auto parts store and compare it to the new belt you are buying.. It is important to have the exact size of the replacement strap in relation to the old strap.
  1. Fit the new belt by passing it over the pulley. The belt will fit over the pulley edges with the pulley still loose on the alternator mount.
  1. Apply tension to the belt and then pull the alternator away from the engine. When the belt is tight, tighten the bolts until they are tight. Check that the belt is tight around the pulleys and that it cannot slip.
  1. Again retest the belt tension. Then you should start the engine for about 10 minutes. Turn it off and check how the belt behaves. If it’s still tight around the pulleys, your job is done.


As you have noticed changing a drive belt on a Ford Fiesta is not complicated, just follow the steps here and that’s it, it will only take a few minutes.

Items you will need

The only item you need is:

  • Wrench: to loosen the mounting screws.

Explanatory video:

In this video we can see how to change the Ford Fiesta timing belt or chain, in this case it is a VVT system.

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