How To Bleed The ABS Brake On A Grand Vitara: Steps & Tips

You want to know how to bleed the abs brake on a grand vitara, Well you’re in the right place. When braking work is done, hydraulic parts can be replaced and brake lines can be opened. Either of these actions can cause air to enter the brake lines.

How to Bleed the ABS Brake on a Grand Vitara

Bleeding the brakes should be the last step of a braking job on a Suzuki Grand Vitara. Bleeding is responsible for removing air from the brake lines and this is also a maneuver that must be done between two people.

Bleeding also eradicates and changes outdated brake fluid that may have been soiled by moisture. The contamination that is generated in the air and the sweat due to humidity can cause the brakes to be conceived as porous or very soft.

Paso 1:

You must make sure that the motor control is in the “Off” state.

Pour some brake fluid into the master cylinder facility, the master cylinder is a white, square shaped reservoir with a black cap, located in the flywheel side engine area, very close to the windshield.

Paso 2:

You should try to ensure that the master cylinder reservoir remains at least half full during the bleeding process.

Remove the bleeder cap and get ready to quickly connect one end of the vinyl tubing to the bleeder cap, then put the other end of the vinyl tubing into the bucket.

Paso 3:

Have a friend sit in the car to hit the brakes, and hit the brakes a few times in a row.

Take care to loosen the bleeder cap a third to about a half turn with a wrench while the brake is depressed, this will cause the brake fluid to come out of the tube and then out of the hub.

Paso 4:

Anytime you’re ready to move the bleeder cap, tell your friend to hit the brakes. Try to make sure the brake fluid reservoir is at least half full during this process to prevent air from getting back into the brake line.

Try to listen for any small air bubbles left during this process. When you no longer hear bubbles, ask your friend to press and hold the brake. Take care to tighten the bleeder cap with a crescent wrench.

Paso 5:

Put the bleeder cap back on and apply fluid pressure to the pipe, you do it just by pressing the brake pedal, while you check if there were any leaks.

Fill the brake fluid reservoir to the specified level. Check the firmness of the brakes, as the brake pressure should not be too soft either.

Tips and Warnings

Bleed the air from the brake system when the fluid hydraulic circuit has been disconnected. There are two separate lines in the hydraulic lines of the brake system. One is for the front wheel brakes and the other is for the rear wheel brakes.

The left and right front wheel brakes should bleed along with the left rear wheel brake. This way you can bleed the ABS brake on your Grand Vitara.

Steps To Bleed The Brake On A Grand Vitara
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