How To Adjust The Headlight On A Suzuki Vitara: Tips And Solutions

Unlike many types of cars, the Suzuki Vitara has a gear knob located on the back of the headlight that allows you to set the height of the headlight beam. This feature makes adjusting the angle of the headlight a simple process. Read on and discover how to adjust the headlight on a suzuki vitara.

How to Adjust the Headlight on a Suzuki Vitara

The main difficulty is to ensure that the headlights are oriented slightly downwards so that they do not blind other drivers, for this it is necessary to carry out one or another somewhat complicated measurement. However, the whole process will not take more than 30 minutes, if you are willing to do it.

Paso 1:

First of all try to park your Suzuki Vitara vehicle concisely in front of some straight and vertical plane, the closer you are, the better.

Then you should put a strip of masking tape on the wall in front of each of the headlights.

Paso 2:

Try to measure twenty-five feet from the wall with the tape measure and dot the area with a band-aid. Reverse the Suzuki Vitara until the headlights are directly above the tape that you put on the ground.

Paso 3:

Turn on the headlights and get ready to open the hood, then look for the small gear knob behind each headlight. Turn this knob clockwise to lower the light and counterclockwise to raise it. Aim the stud so that it hits less than two inches below the wall tack strip.

How To Do A Headlight Adjustment On A Suzuki Vitara
Suzuki Grand Vitara at naval base

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