How To Add R-134a To A Chrysler 300: Steps & Tips!

The air conditioner in the Chrysler 300 is a complex piece of machinery, to the point that most mechanics must be certified before their employers will allow them to touch an air conditioner. However, not all maintenance procedures are so complex. here you can know how to add r-134a to a chrysler 300 on your own.

Recharging the R-134a freon level of a Chrysler 300 is quite simple and can be done by any home mechanic. Recharge kits can be purchased at most auto stores, and the process is not very time consuming. If not recharged, the R-134a in the 300 will eventually leak out and the air conditioner will not produce cool air..

Steps to Add R-134a to a Chrysler 300

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To recharge the R-134a freon level of your Chrysler 300, follow these steps:

1. Open the hood of the Chrysler 300 and hold it.

Look in the vehicle’s engine compartment for a set of metal pipes. They will be aluminum (and they will be of two different thicknesses). Locate the widest diameter tube. It will connect to the vehicle’s compressor and will have a side low pressure connection with a blue or black cap. Remove this cap from the side low pressure connection.

2. Hook the coupler from your R-134a kit to the side low pressure connection.

The coupler will be located at the service housing end of the kit and should fit easily into the bottom side connection. If it doesn’t, check your recharge kit again. You may have bought an R-12 kit by accident.

These kits are preconfigured to fit the systems they are designed for. If you have an R-12 kit, return it to the store. Even if you could make it fit, the R-12 Freon would damage the air conditioning system of the Chrysler.

3. Find a safe place to store the R-134a equipment.

Some engine parts, such as belts, may accidentally shift or move the kit. Make sure the kit is not resting on any of these pieces.

4. Start the Chrysler 300’s engine and let it idle.

Once it has warmed up to its standard operating temperature, turn on the vehicle’s air conditioning. Make sure the fan is on the hardest setting and the air temperature is as cold as possible.

5. Open the doors

Walk a full circle around the Chrysler 300 and open all the doors.. If you’re in a cramped garage and don’t have room for open doors, roll all the windows down. You have to do this for an important reason. Once the air conditioner starts charging, it produces cooled air.

If freshly cooled air collects in the 300’s passenger compartment, the air conditioning can be turned off by mistake. You will need the system to work throughout the process.

6. Go back to the Chrysler 300 engine.

Pick up the R-134a kit and open the valve. By turning the valve down, a needle will break the R-134a seal and refrigerant will be charged into the system. Let 60 seconds of R-134a enter the system.

7. Close the kit valve at the top of the R-134a canister.

Let the air from the air conditioner circulate for 60 seconds. Continue adding the R-134a in one minute intervals. Shake the can while charging.

8. Check the pressure gauge in the kit.

These pressure readings will indicate when the recharge process is complete.. If you need external verification, check the Chrysler 300’s aluminum pipes. If they are universally cool and uniformly cool, then the system does charge. Also, place a thermometer in the central air conditioning vent.

A charged system will cool the air to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, unless the outside air is very hot. On a very hot summer day, the air conditioner can reach between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Close the valve on the top of the R-134a canister

Close the valve at the top of the R-134a canister, once the system is finally charged. Remove the kit coupler from the side low pressure connection, but allow the vehicle to idle for 15 minutes before turning off the engine and A/C. By letting both run, you are letting the air conditioner’s blower fully circulate the newly added R-134a Freon.


The tips you must follow to add R-134a to a Chrysler 300 without problems are the following:

  • The R-134a canister will get very cold as the system recharges.
  • Wear thick gloves. Nitrile automotive gloves are too thin and you may have to wrap the canister in a towel.
  • R-134a is compressed and pressurized, so wear safety glasses while handling the canister.


You should be aware of:

  • Recharging instructions may vary, depending on who made the recharging kit, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions above all others.

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