Honda Civic (2001-2005) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,good afternoon. In this article you will see a description of fuses and relays Honda Civic (2001-2005) – fuse box

Include with pictures of block diagrams as well as their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most used thing people look for).
Get advice on Support fuses, swapping a fuse, and more.

No Amperes [A] Description 1 twenty Condenser fan relay motor;

A / C compressor clutch relay.

2 15 except for the hybrid version:

Tail lights relay,

Traffic lights,

Front parking lights,

Front marker lights,

Heater control panel,

License plate light,

Rear lights.

10 Hybrid:

Control module relay

Engine (MCM) No.2.

3 7.5 except for the hybrid version:

Cargo area lighting;

Ceiling lights / spotlights;

Ignition switch / key lighting;


Luggage compartment lighting.

10 Hybrid:

Ceiling lighting;

Ignition switch / key lighting;


Tail light relay;

Trunk light.

4 twenty Radiator fan relay 5 10 Hazard warning switch 6 15 PGM-FI main relay No. 1;

Crankshaft Position (CKP) sensor;

Engine / system control module

powerplant (ECM / PCM);


Valve air control gear

idle (IAC);

Immobilizer control module-receiver;

PGM-FI main relay no. 2;

The camshaft position sensor

(CMP) (TDC);

Injector control module;

Injector relay.

7 15 Brake pedal position switch;

Horn relay;

Brake lights;

Braking signals

(to ABS modulator control module,

engine control module,

powertrain (ECM / PCM),

Multiplex control module).

8 twenty ABS modulator control unit 9 10 Audio unit,

data link connector (DLC),

indicator band,

immobilizer control unit-receiver,

keyless receiver unit,

multiplex control unit,

CarLink interface box,

engine control module

(MCM) (hybrid),

transmission control module


security control

10 40 ABS modulator control unit 11 thirty Rear window defogger relay 40 Coupe:

Rear window defogger relay

12 40 Blower motor relay 13 40 Fuses (passenger compartment):

7, 23

14 40 Fuses (passenger compartment):

2, 3, 5, 15, 16

40 Hybrid:

Recycle fan relay

starting during operation;

Fuses (passenger compartment):

2, 3, 5, 15, 16;

Fuse (engine compartment): No. 60.

15 15 Left headlight,

Driving light control unit

daytime (DRL),

DRL relay,

meter assembly,

high beam indicator lamp,

Multiplex control unit

twenty Left headlight;

daytime running lamps (DRL) control unit;

DRL relay;

DRL diode;

Counter unit;

High beam indicator lamp;

Multiplex control unit.

16 twenty Electric door lock;

Multiplex control unit.

17 15 Right headlight;

Daytime running lamp (DRL) relay;

Multiplex control unit.

twenty Right headlight;

Daytime running lamp (DRL) control unit;

Multiplex control unit.

18 60 Electronic control unit

power steering (EPS)

19 80 Energy distribution twenty 40 Ignition switch (BAT) Relay R1 Radiator fan R2 Air conditioning compressor clutch R3 Rear window defogger R4 Blower motor R5 Headlight No.1 R6 Horn R7 Condenser fan R8 Headlight No.2

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