Honda Accord (1998-2003) – Fuse Box Diagrams

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Include with photos of block diagrams along with their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
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Honda Accord (1998-2003) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.

Cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on Honda Accord (1998-2003) is fuse 9 in the fuse box on the passenger side.

Engine compartment

The fuse box under the hood is located at the rear of the engine compartment on the passenger side.

Honda Accord 1998 2003 Fuse Box Diagrams

Honda Accord – fuses – engine compartment box
Number Amp [A] Description
R1 Headlamp relay – right
R2 Headlamp relay – left
R3 Horn relay
R4 Heater blower relay
R6 AC condenser blower motor relay
R7 Engine coolant blower motor relay
R8 A / C compressor clutch relay
F41 100 Battery
F42 50 Ignition switch
F43 twenty High beam warning lamp;

Headlight washers;

Right headlight.

F44 7.5 High beam relay (with daytime running lights)
F45 twenty Headlight adjustment (with gas-discharge headlights);

High beam warning lamp;

Left headlight.

F46 15 Data Link Connector (DLC);

Engine management.

F47 15 Alarm system horn;

Anti-lock braking system (ABS);

Cruise control;

Engine control;


Ignition lock solenoid (AT);

Ignition switch illumination;

Stop lights.

F48 twenty Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
F49 10 Warning indicators / amplifiers
F50 40 Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
F51 40 Fuse Box / Relay Plate-Console 2;

Window power motor.

F52 thirty Fuse box / relay board-console 2
F53 thirty Heated rear window
F54 40 Fuse box / relay board-console 2
F55 thirty Fuse box / relay board-console 2
F56 40 Heater blower motor
F57 twenty Coolant blower motor
F58 twenty Air conditioning compressor clutch;

A / C condenser blower motor.

F59 15 Daytime running lights;

Instrument lighting;

Number plate lighting;

Side and rear lights.


Fuse panel in the passenger compartment

The internal fuse boxes are located on both sides of the dashboard. To open the inside fuse box, open the car door.

Driver’s side

1660720454 304 Honda Accord 1998 2003 Fuse Box Diagrams
Honda Accord – fuses – interior box
Number Amp [A] Description
1 Turn signal relay;

Hazard warning lamp relay.

2 Reverse lamp relay
3 Starter relay
4 Multifunction control module 1
F1 15 Airbag, engine management
F2 10 Airbag
F3 7.5 AC condenser blower motor;

Engine coolant blower motor;

Heater / air conditioning (AC).

F4 7.5 Electric door mirrors;

Heated seats.

F5 10 Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
7.5 IG2 daylight
F6 15 Alternator;

Engine control;

Engine Mount Control Solenoid;

Cruise control.

F7 7.5 Headlight adjustment;


Multifunction control module 1;

Rear window washer and wiper system.

F8 7.5 Navigation system;

Gearbox park position lock solenoid;

Multifunction Control Module 1 (AT);


F9 7.5 Central lock;


Instrument panel;

Multifunction control module 1;

Reversing lamps (MT).

F10 7.5 Warning indicators / amplifiers;

Direction indicators.

F11 7.5 The ignition coil
F12 thirty Multifunctional control module;

Windshield wipers.

F13 7.5 Engine management (except 1.6)

Passenger side

Fuse box type identification # 1

1660720454 104 Honda Accord 1998 2003 Fuse Box Diagrams
Honda Accord – fuses – interior box
Number Amp [A] Description
1 30 A. Sunroof
2 20 A. Electric seat backrest
3 20 A. Seat reclining assistant
4 20 A. Sliding driver’s seat
5 20 A. Support seat guide assistant
6 10 A. Daytime running lights *
7 20 A. Rear left power window
8 20 A. Front right power window
9 20 A. Radio;


10 10 A. Little lights
11 7.5 amps Indoor lighting;

Ambient light.

12 20 A. Electric door locks
13 7.5 amps Clock
14 7.5 amps ABS motor control
15 20 A. Front left power window
16 20 A. Rear right power window
R1 AC diode
R2 Heated rear window relay
R3 Cigarette lighter relay
R4 Power windows relay
R5 Multifunction control module 2

Fuse box type identification # 2

1660720454 23 Honda Accord 1998 2003 Fuse Box Diagrams
Honda Accord – fuses – interior box
Number Amp [A] Description
1 Diode
2 Heated rear window relay
3 Cigarette lighter relay
4 Power windows relay
5 Multifunction control module 2
F1 twenty Electric windows
F2 twenty Electric seats
F3 thirty Headlight washers
F4 twenty Electric seats
F5 twenty Fog lights;

Multifunction control module 2.

F6 7.5 1.6:

Engine Control Module (ECM)

F7 twenty Electric window motor, rear left
F8 twenty Right front electric window motor
F9 15 Audio system;


F10 twenty Audio unit output amplifier
F11 7.5 Electric antenna;

Internal lamps.

F12 twenty Central lock;

Multifunction control module 2.

F13 7.5 Engine Control Module (ECM);


Heater / air conditioning (AC);

Immobilizer warning light;

Multifunction control module2;

Navigation system.

F14 twenty Heated seats
F15 thirty Sunroof
F 16 twenty Electric window motor, rear right

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