Ford Puma (2019-2020) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,good night. In this article you will discover a description of fuses and relays Ford Puma (2019-2020) – fuse box

Include with images of block diagrams along with their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
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Ford Puma (2019-2020) – diagram of the fuse box

Year of production: 2019, 2020.

Cigarette lighter fuses (power socket) on a Ford Puma are fuses 83 and 84 in the engine fuse box.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Location of the fuse box

The fuse panel is located behind the glove box (LHD) or under the glove box (RHD).

The scheme of the fuse box

Ford Puma 2019 2020 Fuse Box Diagrams

Arrangement of fuses in the instrument panel

No Amp [A] Description
1 5A Restriction Control Module;

Temperature and humidity sensor in the vehicle.

2 10 A. Parking assist control module.
3 10 A. Ignition switch;

Ignition switch;

Telematics modem.

4 20A Lock.
5 10 A. Sunroof
6 30A Right mirror switch;

Electrically operated front windows on the right.

7 5A Passenger airbag deactivation indicator;

Interior mirror with automatic dimming function.

8 10 A. Data link connector.
9 5A Central security module.
10 15A Childproof lock;

Fuel filler door.

11 30A Left mirror switch;

Electrically operated front windows on the left side.

12 15A Heated steering wheel;

Headlamp control module.

13 15A Voice control;

Infotainment display;

CD player.

14 7.5A Acoustic signaling device with battery support.
15 10 A. Anti-theft beeper.
16 7.5A Air conditioning control;

Steering wheel module;


Data link connector.

17 20A Audio unit.
18 20A Not used.

Engine compartment fuse box

Location of the fuse box

1660133215 466 Ford Puma 2019 2020 Fuse Box Diagrams

The scheme of the fuse box

1660133215 336 Ford Puma 2019 2020 Fuse Box Diagrams

Arrangement of fuses in the engine compartment

No Amp [A] Description
1 Not used.
2 60A Intake air heater.
3 10 A. Heated windscreen washer nozzles.
4 40A Left-hand heated windscreen element.
5 Not used.
6 30A Starter.
7 40A Blower motor.
8 Not used.
9 Not used.
10 Not used.
11 20A Steering column lock.
12 10 A. Air conditioning clutch.
13 Not used.
14 Not used.
15 Not used.
16 Not used.
17 5A Powertrain control module.
18 10 A. Heated steering wheel.
19 5A Electronic power steering.
twenty Not used.
21 Not used.
22 Not used.
23 10 A. Multicontour passenger seat module.
24 10 A. Multicontour driver’s seat module.
25 10 A. Coolant pump.
Exhaust valve.
26 15A Vapor canister purge valve;

The camshaft position sensor;

Fuel injection control pressure sensor;

Solenoid valve controlling variable turbocharger vanes;

Exhaust gas recirculation cooler bypass valve;

Wastegate Control Valve Solenoid;

Heated oxygen sensor.

27 20A Powertrain control module.
28 15A Active lattice roller shutter;

Oil pomp;

Air conditioning compressor;

Wastegate Control Valve Solenoid;

Water in fuel sensor.

29 15A The ignition coil;

Noise suppression capacitor.

thirty 10 A. Air conditioning pressure relief valve.
31 Not used.
32 30A Body control module.
33 10 A. Blind Spot Information System;

Cruise control module;

Front parking assist camera;

Rear parking camera;

Parking assist control module.

34 Not used.
35 10 A. Headlights.
36 5A Wheel lock prevention system.
37 Not used.
38 40A Blower motor.
39 Not used.
40 Not used.
41 20A Heated seats.
42 Not used.
43 40A Trailer towing module.
44 40A Heated windscreen element on the right.
45 30A Rear left door module.
46 5A Headlamp leveling.
47 15A Audio device amplifier.
48 20A Sunroof
49 60A Anti-blocking pump.
50 60A Fast cooling fan.
51 Not used.
52 10 A. Data link connector.
53 Not used.
54 30A Right rear door module.
55 30A Anti-blocking valve.
56 5A Brake on / off switch.
57 15A Audio device amplifier.
58 30A Electrically operated tailgate.
59 40A Body control module.
60 Not used.
61 Not used.
62 Not used.
63 Not used.
64 Not used.
65 Not used.
66 Not used.
67 Not used.
68 20A Fuel pump.
69 Not used.
70 Not used.
71 Not used.
72 Not used.
73 5A Rain sensor.
74 30A Windshield wiper motor.
75 Not used.
76 Not used.
77 25A Heated rear window.
78 Not used.
79 20A Horn.
80 Not used.
81 Not used.
82 15A Rear window washer pump.
83 20A Lighter;

Front Auxiliary Power Points.

84 20A Rear auxiliary power points.
85 40A Low speed cooling fan.
86 20A Rear window wiper.
87 Not used.
88 Not used.
89 Not used.

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