Ford Edge (2011) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,at this moment. In this post you will discover a description of fuses and relays Ford Edge (2011) – fuse box

Include with photos of box diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most common thing people look for).
Get tips about Assistance fuses, upgrading a fuse, and more.

1 30A Front driver’s smart window 2 15A Not used (spare) 3 30A Not used (spare) 4 10 A. Lamps in demand 5 20A Not used (spare) 6 5A RF module 7 7.5A Electric mirror switch, memory seat switch, driver seat module 8 10 A. Not used (spare) 9 10 A. Electric lifting flap 10 10 A. Operation / accessory relay 11 10 A. Instrument panel cluster, Head-up display 12 15A Indoor lighting, puddle lamps, backlight 13 15A Right turn / stop lamps and indicators 14 15A Left turn / stop lamps and turn signals 15 15A Reversing lamps, stop lamps, stop lamps high mounted 16 10 A. Dipped beam headlamps (right) 17 10 A. Dipped beam headlamps (left) 18 10 A. Keypad illumination, Brake Shift Lock (BSI), Passenger compartment fuse panel, Start Button LED, Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Wake, Second Row Power Apply 19 20A Amplifier / Subwoofer (Sony) twenty 20A Locking / unlocking relays – vehicles without Intelligent Access (LA) 21 10 A. Not used (spare) 22 20A Horn relay 23 15A Steering wheel control, LA, headlight switch 24 15A On-board diagnostics (OBDII) 25 15A Tailgate unlocking 26 5A Global Positioning System (GPS) Module 27 20A IA 28 15A Ignition lock (without IA), Key lock solenoid, Push-button start (with IA) 29 20A Radio, multi-functional display, electronic finishing panel, SYNC® module thirty 15A Front parking lamps 31 5A Not used (spare) 32 15A Lock switch illumination, sunroof, power windows, compass / auto dimming rear view mirror 33 10 A. Not used (spare) 34 10 A. Reversing Sensor System, Reversing Camera, Blind Spot Monitor 35 5A Heads-up display, Headlight leveling 36 10 A. Not used (spare) 37 10 A. Climate control 38 10 A. Not used (spare) 39 15A High beam headlamps 40 10 A. Rear parking lamps 41 7.5A Occupant Classification Sensor (OCS), Restriction Control Module 42 5A Tilt assist control switch 43 10 A. Not used (spare) 44 10 A. Not used (spare) 45 5A Not used (spare) 46 10 A. Climate control 47 15A Not used (spare) 48 30A circuit breaker Power windows / sunroof 49 – Delayed accessory relay

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