Ford C-MAX Hybrid (2012-2013) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,now. In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Ford C-MAX Hybrid (2012-2013) – fuse box

Include with photos of block diagrams along with their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
Get tips on Assistance fuses, updating a fuse, and more.

Ford C-MAX Hybrid – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2012, 2013.

Cigarette Lighter Fuses (Power Outlets) is fuse # 61 (cigarette lighter, second row power socket) in the instrument panel fuse box and fuse F27 (luggage compartment outlet).

Location of the fuse box

Passenger compartment

The fuse panel is located on the right side under the glove box (remove the bottom of the glove box).

Engine compartment

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment.


The fuse panel is located in the luggage compartment behind the left-hand wheel well

Pre-fuse boxes

Your vehicle has a pre-fuse box attached to the transfer box.
The second pre-fuse box is connected to the 12-volt battery terminal on the rear of the vehicle. They contain high-current fuses. If you need to replace one of these fuses, please contact your authorized dealer.

Passenger compartment

Ford C MAX Hybrid 2012 2013 Fuse Box Diagrams

Number Amperes [A] Description
56 20A Fuel pump supply
57 Not used
58 Not used
59 5A Passive anti-theft system
60 10 A. Interior lighting, driver door switch kit, glove box lighting
61 20A Cigarette lighter, second row power point
62 5A Auto wiper module, auto dimming rear view mirror
63 Not used
64 Not used
65 10 A. Tailgate unlocking
66 20A Power to unlock the driver’s door, double lock
67 7.5A Passport for a mobile phone (C-MAX Energi)
68 Not used
69 5A Instrument cluster
70 20A Central locking and power release
71 10 A. Heating control head (manual air conditioning), air conditioning module
72 7.5A Steering wheel module
73 5A Data link connector
74 15A Headlamp power supply
75 15A Fog lamp power supply
76 10 A. Reversing lamp power supply
77 20A Windshield and rear washer power supply
78 5A Ignition switch, start button
79 15A Radio, hazard flasher switch
80 20A Not used (spare)
81 5A Strong sun shade
82 20A Windscreen and rear washer relay
83 20A Central locking and power release
84 20A Power unlocking the drive door, double lock
85 7.5A Electronic feed 15
86 10 A. Restraints Control Module, Passenger Airbag Deactivation Indicator
87 Not used
88 Not used
89 Not used
Engine compartment

1661365524 172 Ford C MAX Hybrid 2012 2013 Fuse Box Diagrams

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 50A Midi Cooling fan module
F2 50A Midi Electric water pump
F3 50A Midi Body control module power 1
F4 50A Midi Body control module power 2
F5 Not used
F6 Not used
F7 40A ** Anti-lock brake system pump
F8 30A ** Braking system anti-lock valve
F9 40A ** Vacuum pump
F10 40A ** Heater blower motor
F11 30A ** Engine management
F12 Not used
F13 25A ** Powertrain control module relay
F14 20 A ** Rear wiper
F15 Not used
F 16 20A ** Body control module power 15
F17 20A ** Transmission oil pump (C-MAX Energi)
F18 20A ** Front wiper motor
F19 5A * Anti-lock braking system / Electronic Stability Program module
F20 15 A * horn
F21 5A * Light switch
F22 5A * Vacuum pump monitoring
F23 5A * Engine control module 15 / Powertrain control module 15 / Transmission fluid pump 15
F24 5A * Relay coils
F25 10 A * Electronic engine cooling pump
F26 5A * Electronic power steering module 15
F27 5A * Air mass flow sensor
F28 15 A * Powertrain control module
F29 10 A * Electronic A / C compressor / positive temperature coefficient heater
F30 10 A * Engine control module, powertrain control module
F31 5A * Charging Port Light Ring (C-MAX Energi)
F32 20A * Vehicle power 2
F33 15 A * Vehicle power 4
F34 10 A * Injectors
F35 10 A * Vehicle power 3
F36 20A * Vehicle power 1
R1 Not used
R2 Micro relay Horn
R3 Micro relay Hybrid drive system control
R4 Micro relay Front wiper
R5 Not used
R6 Micro relay Front and rear wiper high / low
R7 Energy relay Vacuum pump
R8 Energy relay Ignition feed
R9 Not used
R10 Mini relay Vacuum pump sensor
R11 Not used
R12 Energy relay Cooling fan
R13 Mini relay Heater blower
R14 Mini relay Engine control relay
* Mini fuses
** Blade fuses


1661365524 187 Ford C MAX Hybrid 2012 2013 Fuse Box Diagrams

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 5A Hands-free input module for loading hatch
F2 10 A. Vehicle module without a key
F3 5A Keyless vehicle door handles
F4 25A Front left door control unit
F5 25A Front right door control unit
F6 25A Rear left door control unit
F7 25A Rear right door control unit
F8 Not used
F9 25A Driver seat motor
F10 25A Heated rear window
F11 Not used
F12 15A Battery electronics control module
F13 Not used
F14 10 A. Charger (C-MAX Energi)
F15 Not used
F 16 Not used
F17 10 A. Battery electronics control module
F18 15A Battery electronics control module – fan
F19 15A Charger fan (C-MAX Energi)
F20 Not used
F21 10 A. Intelligent data link connector
F22 10 A. Active noise reduction
F23 Not used
F24 30A DC / AC power converter
F25 25A Electric lifting flap
F26 40A AC / DC charger (C-MAX Energi)
F27 20A Trunk outlet
F28 Not used
F29 Not used
F30 5A Parking assist module
F31 5A Rear camera
F32 5A DC / AC power converter
F33 Not used
F34 20A Driver seat heating
F35 20A Passenger seat heating
F36 Not used
F37 20A Strong sun shade
F38 Not used
F39 Not used
F40 Not used
F41 Not used
F42 Not used
F43 Not used
F44 Not used
F45 5A Humidity sensor
F46 10 A. Fuel system
R1 Energy relay Rear relay 15
R2 Mini relay Heated rear window
R3 Micro relay Fuel door (C-MAX Energi)
R4 Not used
R5 Not used
R6 Micro relay Rear wiper

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