Fiat Stilo (2001-2008) – bulb specification

Hi!,good night. In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Fiat Stilo (2001-2008) – bulb specification

Include with photos of block diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
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Fiat Stilo (2001-2008) – bulb specification

Year of production: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

AND – All glass bulbs: press-fit. Pull the bulb out to remove it.

B – Bayonet bulbs: press in bulb, turn anti-clockwise to remove this type of bulb from socket.

C. – Tubular bulbs: release them from the contacts to remove them.

D / E – Halogen lamps: to remove the bulb, release the clip securing the bulb in place.

F. – Gas bulbs (xenon).

Fiat Stilo – bulbs

Bulb Character Type Power
Traffic lights E. H1 55W
Longlife dipped beam D H7 55W
Dipped beam D H7 55W
Gas-discharge low beam

(where provided)

F. D2R 35W
Front position lamps

(2 per headlight) with long service life

Front fog lights

(where provided)

E. H1 55W
Front turn signals B PY21W 21W
Side turn signals AND WY5W 5W
Rear turn signals B P21W 21W
Rear lights

(3-door versions)

B W5W 5W
Rear lights / rear fog lights

(5-door versions)

B P4 / 21W 4W / 21W
Tail lights / brake lights

(Multi Wagon versions)

B P21 / 5W 21 W / 5 W.
Rear lights (Multi Wagon versions)

(side constant light unit)

B P21W 21W
Rear lights (Multi Wagon versions)

(tailgate lighting unit)

B R5W 5W
Brake lights

(3-door versions)

B P21W 21W
Third brake light

(additional brake light)

AND W2.3W 2.3W
Reversing light B P21W 21W
Rear fog lights B P21W 21W
License plate lighting

(sedan versions)

License plate lighting

(Multi Wagon versions)

C. C5W 5W
Puddle / door lighting AND W5W 5W
Front roof light C. C5W 5W
Rear roof light

(where provided)

C. C10W 10W
Glove box lighting C. C5W 5W
Luggage compartment lighting AND W5W 5W
Additional mirror lighting

(if provided)

C. C5W 5W

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