Error P0715 – how to fix?

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Error code definition P0715

Fault code P0715 relates to communication between the vehicle’s engine and the gearbox. When the input speed sensor is not receiving a signal that is within the manufacturer’s parameters, P0715 will light because the gearbox will not be able to read the engine RPM to properly shift gears.

What does the code P0715 mean

P0715 is the general OBD-II code for signal error between Engine Control Module (ECM) and Automatic Transmission Control Module (TCM). When this code is present, the input speed sensor does not detect the engine (turbine) speed, receives an incorrect signal and is not able to change gear according to the manufacturer’s parameters.

What causes the code P0715?

P0715 typically has a primary cause and other secondary problems that are less common. Belong to them:

  • Defective gearbox speed sensor
  • Faulty or broken speed sensor wiring.
  • Faulty electrical connection of the speed sensor
  • Faulty shift solenoids
  • Damaged gearbox valve body
  • Dirty or low transmission fluid level

What are the symptoms of the P0715 code?

The most common symptoms of P0715 will be hard or irregular shifting problems. It may also happen that the gearbox does not shift automatically.

How does the mechanic diagnose the P0715 code?

A visual inspection of the input speed sensor will be the mechanic’s first step to determine its condition and the condition of its wiring. If there are damaged cables, they will be replaced. Your mechanic can check the voltage and grounding of the sensor wires to see if there is a problem with the wiring or with the sensor itself. If the wiring is correct, the mechanic will replace the sensor, reset the ECM, and test the vehicle. If that doesn’t fix the problem then there may be a problem with the automatic transmission itself.

The most common errors when diagnosing the P0715 code

Some of the input speed sensor wiring may be damaged by transmission fluid leaks that were not repaired after wiring and / or sensors were replaced. If this happens, the sensor is likely to fail again soon.

How serious is the P0715 code?

P0715 codes can have different effects on vehicles as some cause no noticeable problems while others cause the gearbox to simply not shift. An automatic transmission that refuses to shift is not only inconvenient but also dangerous.

What repairs can fix the code P0715?

The most common repairs for P0715 are as follows:

  1. Replacing the input speed sensor
  2. Repair of damaged input speed sensor wiring.

Additional notes regarding code P0715

The P0715 codes are not exclusive to traditional automatic transmissions as some models with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) may also be affected.

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