Error P0410 – how to fix?

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Code definition P0410

Secondary air injection system fault

What does the code P0410 mean?

P0410 is a generic OBD-II code that indicates that the Engine Control Module (ECM) has detected that the engine O2 sensor has not detected an increase in exhaust O2 levels when the air injection system was commanded during an active test.

What causes the code P0410?

  • The air inlet to the air injection system is blocked, resulting in a low exhaust air flow.
  • The O2 sensors respond slowly to the increased amount of O2 in the exhaust gas.
  • The catalytic converter is partially clogged, which increases exhaust back pressure.
  • Air injection pump relay contacts are not touching.

What are the symptoms of the P0410 code?

  • The check engine light will come on and the code will be stored in the ECM memory and on the frozen frame.
  • The air injection pump may be noisy due to damaged bearings.
  • The engine can run too rich if excess O2 is pumped into the exhaust system.

How can a mechanic diagnose the P0410 code?

  • Scan the codes and document the data from the frozen frame to verify the problem.
  • Clear engine codes and recheck air injection system for proper operation.
  • Repair any O2 sensors or other engine codes before proceeding with code P0410 diagnosis.
  • Monitor the O2 pid sensor on scanner to see if the sensor responds when the air injection pump is turned on, the sensor should pass within 150mv in 3 seconds.
  • Replace free O2 sensor and recheck system.
  • Check air injection relay to see if there is power to relay if pump does not turn on.
  • Verify that the air injection pump has the correct resistance between the power and ground terminals.

The most common errors when diagnosing the P0410 code

  • Failure to check intake air flow at the air injection pump prior to replacement, so that no air leaks from the pump.
  • Failure to check the air injection pump relay for burnt wiring connections before replacing the damaged air injection pump.

How serious is the P0410 code?

  • The air injection pump system is designed to help reduce exhaust emissions and may cause the vehicle to fail the exhaust emissions test.
  • When the check engine light is on, the vehicle will not pass the exhaust emission test.
  • The air injection pump should not cause any driving symptoms other than the check engine warning light.

What repairs can fix the P0410 code?

  1. Replace the air injection pump and power relay.
  2. Replace O2 sensors that react too slowly with age.
  3. Replace air injection pump intake filter clogged with debris

Additional notes regarding code P0410

Code P0410 triggers when the air injection pump passive test fails or is inconclusive, then the ECM instructs the pump to perform an active test and the O2 sensor does not give a higher exhaust O2 content within 3 seconds.

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