Error P0345 – how to fix?

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Code definition P0345

The P0345 code indicates that the car’s computer has detected an incorrect voltage reading from the camshaft position sensor in bank 2.

What does the code P0345 mean

In order to ensure the correct timing of the engine and the correct fuel supply depending on the driving conditions, the car’s computer needs information about the position and speed of the camshaft. This is done by using a stationary solenoid (camshaft position sensor) in conjunction with the teeth on the shaft. As the teeth move in front of the sensor, the signal is blocked to form a pattern. This formula is sent to the car’s computer and is used to aid in determining engine timing and fuel delivery. If it is incorrect, the car computer will set the code P0345.

What causes the P0345 code?

There are several potential reasons for the P0345 code to appear. These include the following:

  • Contamination of the sensor by engine oil or transmission fluid.
  • Broken teeth
  • Damage to the wiring harness
  • Corroded or loose connections
  • Camshaft position sensor A failure (usually due to fluid contamination)
  • Crankshaft position sensor failure
  • PCM failure (rare)

What are the symptoms of the P0345 code?

You may experience one or more of a wide variety of symptoms with the code P0345. These include the following:

  • It does not start
  • Degraded engine performance
  • Delayed engine start (slow start)
  • Difficult idle speed
  • Slight acceleration

How can a mechanic diagnose the P0345 code?

To diagnose the underlying problem, the mechanic will first read the codes stored in the car’s computer with an OBD II scanner. It will then clear these codes and test the vehicle (as long as there is no boot condition). The technician will check if the codes have been reset and if he can duplicate the driver’s ailments.

The mechanic should then check the crankshaft position sensor circuit, including the wiring harness and connections. Again, contact with engine oil or transmission fluid can cause deterioration and damage. Any damaged wiring should be repaired or replaced and any loose or corroded connections should be repaired.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, the mechanic will have to check the crankshaft position sensor itself. Fluid contamination can cause these sensors to fail, and if oil or transmission fluid covers them, the sensor will need to be replaced.

The most common errors when diagnosing the P0345 code

One of the most common mistakes made is replacing the camshaft position sensor when the problem is actually in the circuit instead. Here, too, the quality of the spare part is of great importance. Mechanics should use OEM quality replacement camshaft position sensors.

How serious is the P0345 code?

The P0345 code is very serious indeed as it can lead to no boot situations that could leave you in the cold. Even at best, you’ll experience a reduction in performance and fuel mileage. It is very important to diagnose the problem immediately and fix it properly.

What repairs can fix the code P0345?

  1. Actual repairs will vary depending on the reason the code was created. However, they include the following:
  2. Crankshaft position sensor replacement.
  3. Repair or replacement of damaged wiring
  4. Repair of loose connections
  5. Fluid leakage identification and repair

Additional considerations for code P0345

It’s very important for mechanics to understand that while the crankshaft position sensors are failing, the real problem is more with the wiring harness or connections. These should be checked before replacing the sensor so that the customer does not pay for a repair that does not fix the problem. It is also strongly recommended to identify and repair fluid leaks that damage the sensor circuit.

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