Error P0325 – how to fix?

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Code definition P0325

Knock Sensor Malfunction (Sensor 1, Bank 1)

What does the code P0325 mean?

P0325 is a generic ODB2 diagnostic code associated with the knock sensor circuit. This code may be seen with other knock sensor codes and low power status codes.

P0325 means there is a malfunction in knock sensor 1 on circuit bank 1. This malfunction will be detected by the ECU when it does not receive correct information from the knock sensor. This illuminates the Check Engine light in the instrument panel.

What causes the code P0325?

  • ECU malfunction
  • Knock sensor damaged
  • An open or short circuit in the wiring harness.
  • Problems with electrical connections

What are the symptoms of the P0325 code?

  • A lit Check Engine light is usually the most noticeable symptom.
  • The engine may have a slight power shortage.
  • You may not experience any symptoms with P0325.

How can a mechanic diagnose the P0325 code?

  • Use the scan tool to search for any codes, they may be historical, pending, and current codes.
  • Pay attention to the data from the frozen frame for each of these codes, they will show the state the vehicle was in at the time the code was set, such as engine RPM, coolant temperature, operating time and vehicle speed.
  • Erase the code to restart diagnostics.
  • Perform a road test to try to turn on the check engine light again and confirm that the problem is present.
  • Use a scan tool to verify that the knock sensor is functioning properly when the engine is running at high revs.
  • Check the resistance of the knock sensor
  • If necessary, check the ECU test according to the manufacturer’s test procedures.

Common errors when diagnosing P0325 code

With any code, even the most experienced technician can make simple mistakes and overlook basic issues if he does not complete all of the diagnostic steps or do them in the correct order.

How serious is the P0325 code?

The P0325 code is generally not serious and should be able to drive safely to a safe location after a fault occurs. Some vehicles may experience a slight lack of engine power as the ECU retards the timing to prevent damage if the engine knocks.

What repairs can fix the P0325 code?

  1. ECU replacement
  2. Repair or replacement of the wiring harness
  3. Replacing a damaged knock sensor
  4. Repair of the electrical connection

Additional notes on code P0325

You will need a scanning tool that does more than just check codes to do an accurate P0325 diagnosis. Many of the items that are checked can be done much faster and more accurately with the live data stream that these scanning tools allow for access.

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