Error P0158 – how to fix?

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Error code definition P0158

Oxygen Sensor High Voltage Sensor Circuit (Bank 2 Sensor 2)

What does trouble code P0158 mean?

  • Fault code P0158 occurs when the sensor is under high voltage for too long.
  • This oxygen sensor is located behind the catalytic converter. It provides the power control module (PCM) with information about the efficiency and level of oxygen released from the catalyst.
  • When the engine is idling, there is more oxygen in the exhaust gas than there is fuel. When the engine is running rich, there is more fuel in the exhaust gas than oxygen.
  • If the sensor is working properly, it goes from low voltage (high oxygen) to high voltage (low oxygen).

What causes the code P0158?

  • Rear oxygen sensor malfunction
  • Rear Oxygen Sensor Heating Circuit Malfunction.
  • Bad engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Short circuits, openings, or exposed oxygen sensor wires
  • Excessive fuel pressure
  • Power Control Module (PCM) upgrade required
  • Power Control Module (PCM) Failure

What are the symptoms of the P0158 code?

  • The engine light comes on
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Engine runs poorly
  • The engine is idling
  • The engine jams

How can a mechanic diagnose the P0158 code?

  • The mechanic will use an OBD-II scanner to extract all the current fault codes that have been written by the Power Control Module (PCM).
  • They check live data from the oxygen sensor on the scanner. They will check the voltage reading to see if the oxygen sensor changes from low voltage to high voltage every few seconds.
  • When an engine coolant temperature sensor fault code is also present, they check live data on a scanner to see if the engine temperature is appropriate.
  • The rear oxygen sensor wiring is checked for short circuits, openings, or exposures.
  • The fuel pressure is checked for higher than normal fuel pressure.
  • Run the manufacturer’s diagnostic procedures on the power control module (PCM) to determine if it needs to be replaced or upgraded.

The most common errors when diagnosing the P0158 code

  • Replace the oxygen sensor before considering other necessary repairs.
  • Incorrect waiting for a short circuit, broken or exposed wires.

How serious is the P0158 code?

Fault code P0158 is considered serious if it causes the car to stall. This problem should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid problems with driving.

What repairs can fix the code P0158?

  1. Replace the rear oxygen sensor
  2. Repair any shorted, damaged, or exposed oxygen sensor wires.
  3. Make any necessary repairs to relieve excess fuel pressure.
  4. Replace the engine coolant temperature sensor as needed.
  5. Replace or upgrade the power control module (PCM) as needed.

Additional notes regarding code P0158

An oxygen sensor kit and a propane tank will be needed to remove the oxygen sensor if it is stuck in the exhalation or is difficult to access.

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